Corrective Jaw Surgery For Sleep Apnea

By | March 24, 2017

Natural Treatments for Sleep Apnea

Hey, guys. Axe, here, of naturalmedicine and founder of DrAxe . In this tutorial, I'm going to go through a sevenstepprocess on how to overcome sleep apnea. If you struggle with sleep apnea, snoring, insomnia,just trouble sleeping at night, these tips are going to help you big time. The number one thing you've got to start doingif you want to overcome sleep apnea is look at your diet. Now, sometimes sleep apnea canbe related to weight gain. It can be related to inflammation in different areas of yourbody. But if you can follow these dietary tips, it's going to help tremendously.

The first thing you want to do is you reallywant to focus on supporting your metabolism. You want to focus on getting three thingsevery single meal: good quality protein, healthy fat, and fiber, those three things. Most peoplewith sleep apnea, most people tend to consume too many carbohydrates and too much sugar,which can actually affect your insulin levels and your metabolism, which causes sleep apnea.So again, healthy protein, such as bone broth protein, organic chicken and turkey, wildcaughtfish, grassfed beef, getting good quality protein is important. Number two, fiber, getting more vegetablesand fruits in your diet and wholesprouted

grains, such as brown rice, that's where youwant to get your fiber. The healthy fats, things like coconut oil, olive oil, organicnuts and seeds, those are some ways to get some good healthy fat in your diet. So again,focus on a healthy diet, a diet that's antiinflammatory and that helps balance out insulin levelsis going to be big when it comes to beating sleep apnea. Number two, there are certain things you wantto avoid. If you have sleep apnea, you want to avoid intake of alcohol, caffeine, smoking,and also you need to be aware of sedatives. If you're taking sedatives on a regular basis,that can really cause sleep apnea. Stay away

from those things. If you're saying to yourself,quot;Well, I'm still going to do caffeine and alcohol,quot; then what I would do is not do coffee.I would just do a little bit of tea, like a green tea during the day. So again, just tone it down some. The otherthing I would do is, if you're drinking alcohol, limit it to one glass. When you start doingmore than one glass, more than one beer, more than one glass of alcohol, that's really goingto affect your sleep cycle. And no more than two days a week. Again, bring the alcoholdown, because that will absolutely cause sleep apnea.

The number three tip is to treat acid reflux.Many people with sleep apnea have heartburn, GERD, or acid reflux, or some type of digestiveissue that's causing their sleep apnea. Now, the way to overcome that is to follow thesedietary tips. You want to eat smaller meals, so you don't want to overeat, and get moreorganic meat, vegetables, and fruits. You've got to be careful overconsuming thegrains, the pastas, the breads, the chips. All of those things will really cause acidreflux and sleep apnea. Also, supplementing with digestive enzymes, probiotics, and applecider vinegar. So probiotics, enzymes, and apple cider vinegar, all of those can helpin the natural treatment of acid reflux and

reduce sleep apnea. The number four thing you want to considerdoing to beat sleep apnea is getting a humidifier in your bedroom. Oftentimes, it's the humidityor being too dry in the bedroom that actually causes sleep apnea. So look into getting ahumidifier and sometimes an air purifier. So a humidifier, an air purifier, those thingscan actually help support your body and you breathing better and overcoming sleep apnea. Number five is your sleeping position. Manypeople with sleep apnea sleep on their back. Some of them sleep on their stomach. You wantto sleep on your side. What you want to do

Corrective Jaw Orthognathic Surgery in South Jordan UT Eric Utah Facial Oral Surgery

So, I'm Eric. I came to see Price becauseI had a really bad under bite, and I had a really hard time eating things like salador spaghetti or even hamburgers because I would have a hard time biting into thingsbecause my teeth weren't lined up. The staff did great in easing my mind with all my concerns;they walked me through the procedure and basically answered all the questions that I had aboutthe procedure and what's going to happen, pain level. They also worked with me verywell with my insurance company that was taken care of. The procedure has certainlyhelped me feel more confident, to be honest, and my smile is a lot better, and after theprocedure, I can rip into salads and burgers

and all that fun stuff now. I would definitelyrecommend Price.

Jaw Surgery Orthognathic in South Jordan UT Price Utah Facial Oral Surgery

Hi, I'm Christopher Price of Utah Facial Oral Surgery. I am a Board Certified Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon and I have obtainedboth a Dental Degree and a Medical Degree. Orthognathic Surgery, or corrective jaw surgery,is one of the most rewarding services offered at Utah Facial Oral Surgery.Many people go through life with a significant underbite or overbite or have a facial asymmetry,caused by improper growth of their facial bones.When one or both of the jaws fail to develop correctly, the patient is often unable tochew or speak efficiently and some lack self confidence and self esteem. An orthodontistcan sometimes correct this condition, but

in many cases, the abnormal growth is so severethat the orthodontist can't correct it without corrective jaw surgery.While the purpose of corrective jaw surgery is to correct the functional problem, a naturalresult of jaw surgery is improved esthetics. The most amazing positive changes in appearancethat I have ever seen are after orthognathic surgery.The orthodontist prepares for the jaw surgery by using braces to align the teeth for theirnew position. Once ready, the surgeon then separates the jaws and moves them to the newposition. Creating an ideal bite, and restoring facial balance. Typically the surgery last2 to 4 hours and the patient spends no more

than one night in the . Most patientsmiss a week or two of work and a nonchewing diet is required for six weeks.Once the surgery is completed, the orthodontist will finish any small corrections needed tofinish the bite. Most patients wear braces for 18 to 24 months, with the surgery completedsomewhere in the middle. The team at Utah Facial Oral Surgery is uniquely trainedand proficient in Orthognathic Surgery, and we love to see these truly life changing results.For all of your oral surgery needs, please visit us at Utah Facial Oral Surgery.We perform general tooth extractions, wisdom teeth removal, dental implant placement bonegrafting procedures, as well as facial trauma

surgery and many other facial reconstructiveand cosmetic procedures. We service the entire Salt Lake Area and lookforward to caring for you at our state of the art oral surgery facility.If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call our office.Thank you.

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