Does Pot Help With Insomnia

By | March 31, 2017

Smiley Insomnii Official Tutorial

Look how the moon appears on the sky and the stars are dancing to its tune, together She has not called me, but I still hope . even a whisper To tell me quot;Good nightquot; once again No, I cannot sleep, I cannot sleep at all! No, I cannot sleep, I cannot sleep at all! I suffer from insomnia, if you do not come

I suffer from insomnia, if you do not come Come and tell me quot;Good night!quot; The crickets are yelling and I no longer stand them And they seem to want to do to me in spite, I try to fall asleep, but I know I cannot, Without her telling me quot;Good night!quot; No, I cannot sleep, I cannot sleep at all!

No, I cannot sleep, I cannot sleep at all! I suffer from insomnia, if you do not come I suffer from insomnia, if you do not come Come and tell me quot;Good night!quot; It seems to me that I can see you in the room, You are so close that I can even touch you, But you do not talk to me, you keep deceiving me

You disappear and appear, as when blinking. I suffer from insomnia, if you do not come I suffer from insomnia, if you do not come Come and tell me quot;Good night!quot;.

How to use CBD Cannabis Hemp Oil and Vape

Hey everyone it's Rue aka Runic Rigel andtoday I'm here to talk to you guys about CBD oil which is a cannabis oil. And I thoughtit would be interesting to actually take this on camera and just kind of take it maybe beforebedtime tonight and follow up with you guys on the results. So a little bit about cannabis oil. It is a cannabis,obviously, derived product that comes from the hemp plant. So THC of course is the psychoactiveproperty in marijuana that allows you to experience a high. CBD does not contain that and in factis a very concentrated version of the cannabinoid in marijuana. I'm going to read for you someof the qualities that CBD has and some of

the treatments that CBD oil is for, medicalproperties. Sorry if I'm pronouncing some of this wrong I'm obviously not a physician.Please do not take me as a physician. I'm a YouTuber. I'm a user of CBD oil um, so justkind of bear with me on that front. Reduces nausea and vomiting. Anticonvulsion, suppressesseizure activity, combats psychotic disorders is antiinflammatory, it's an antioxidantbut combats neurodegenerative disorders. Antitumoral, anticancer it's been known to combat tumors,the production of tumors and cancer cells. It's, I'm not even going to try to say thisbut it can basically be used as an antidepressant that also combats anxiety. Which is the purposethat I use it for. If you have been watching

me, if you've been following me you know thatI have PTSD. I did a rather long tutorial on PTSD, the affects of PTSD in my life, whyI have PTSD. You're welcome to find that tutorial I will link it below or I will post it here.So that is the reason that I use CBD oil is for its antianxiety purposes. So there'sbeen a lot of discussion in the media as certain states legalize marijuana as to CBD oil andits uh healing properties. The thing about CBD oil is that it is currently still legalin all fifty states but the concentration must be under 1,000 milligrams. So the productthat I have here today that I have been using is a 300 milligram dosage. Obviously, I couldtake more of that if I desired. But I've been

taking this 300 milligram CBD oil. It's flavored.It's cinnamon. What I was told the way it was recommended to me to be used is you takeyour dropper and sometimes it comes in a paste, sometimes it comes in a liquid form, thisis an oil. And I believe the contents are vegetable glycerin oil, CBD and natural flavoring.Um, so it's pretty simple. It's basically just an oil with CBD in it. And the dosagesvary. At our shop we actually carry this product um and it comes in 300 milligrams, I think100 milligram and then 500 milligram. It is a little bit pricey. Um because the planthas to be bred to have a high CBD content and a low THC content and then it's, you know,derived. There's a whole process. I've found

that it's really effective for helping mesleep and basically with the paste, with the oils what you do is place it on your cheekyou let your body absorb it or under the tongue. So how I use this is I will take a dropperand I will um take a full dropper. This is what it looks like. And I'll take a full dropperand I will place it under my tongue like so. And then deposit the contents of the dropper.Now I'm not going to do this right now because I'm not stressed out, I'm not tired. I'm notready to go to bed. But that's how you use this product. This is the one that we carry.Here in the store. Um, and it's more expensive the higher the dosage. Um, so I didn't wantto just hop straight in so I decided to try

the medium range dosage to get started. AndI actually really enjoyed it. I enjoy the cinnamint flavor of this one. We also havelike blueberry, raspberry, banana cream. I haven't tried any of the other flavors. Thisis our highest concentrated level. It is rather pricey. I think it goes from some where tosixty to eighty dollars here or at the store, at other stores. And this the ultimate fromthe brand that we have. I believe this is produced in Dallas, Texas. It's the GreenGarden produced for good health. I'm not sponsored. I am somebody who has PTSD and anxiety andthat is what drew me to this product. This one is a 500 milligram dosage. It's the ultimateone. And I thought it would be interesting

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