How To Help Elderly Sleep At Night

By | March 25, 2017

Insomnia Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Insomnia. Take 1 glass of milk and add 1tsp of honey and mix it. Drink every night before bedtime. Take ½li of water, add 1tsp of aniseed, Heat the mixture for 15 min and Strain it. Drink every night before bedtime. Take 1 glass of Water and add 2tsp of honey and mix it. Drink every night before bedtime. Take a banana and mash it and add roasted cumin seeds to it and mix it.

Consume this mixture before going to sleep. Mix 1tsp each of juice of celery leaves with stalks and honey. Have this mixture every night before bedtime. Eat raw onion salad every day. Mix 2tsp of fenugreek leaves juice with 1tsp of honey. Have this mixture at bed times. Mix bottle gourd juice and sesame oil in equal quantity. Massage this mixture on the scalp every night.

Take 34 strands of saffron and soak them in a cup of warm milk. Sip this warm drink. Drink this every night before bedtime. Consume 3 cups of curd. Have this regularly. Insomnia – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies.

Yoga For Sleep Easy Bedtime Yoga 5 Minute Miracle

good evening guys welcome to your yoga for deep sleep this is a 5 minute miracle class that will help you get rid of all the workday and daily stress and tension and allow your body and mind to relax so you can have the most restful sleep this is very basic yoga class

that you can do pretty much anywhere even in your own bed so find a comfortable position and join me so were going to begin by coming down to the floor hugging your knees into your chest giving yourself a nice stretch take a deep breath in

exhale slowly beginning to rock side to side messaging the lumbar spine you may also draw circles with your knees circles knees away from each other and then back together this is a great movement to massage the hip joints

letting go of any stress any tension you've been holding in your hips rounding the spine and then slowly coming back down extending the right leg all the way out hugging the other knee taking a moment to breath in then a gentle rock side to side again massaging the hip joint

and then switching sides hug your knee into your chest gentle side to side with the leg and then extending your leg all the way out reaching the arms over the head deep breath in hug you knees in one more time

and then extending your legs all the way out flexing your feet just giving a gentle stretch for the hips releasing the legs out arms taking a big circle and then from here taking our happy baby pose opening those knees nice and wide pulling them right over to the mat

Poor Sleep Leads To Widespread Pain In Elderly Study

​We know sleep is important, but what happenswhen you don't get enough of it in your later yearsé A new study published in the Arthritis Rheumatologyjournal shows that nonrestorative sleep, the kind when you wake up feeling tired and wornout despite getting your usual amount, contributes to a higher risk of widespread pain in olderadults. The British researchers defined widespreadpain as the kind that affects multiple parts of your body, such as fibromyalgia. (Via eMedTV) The study looked at the physical and mentalhealth of more than 4,300 adults older than

50 and found that after three years, 19 percentof the participants had developed some kind of new widespread pain. (Via Arthritis Rheumatology) According to HealthDay, the researchers explainas people age — muscle, bone and nerve pain become more prevalent and that getting enoughsleep might be one of the most important factors in treating pain. But, fair warning, it is possible for sleepto be too much of a good thing. Last October, a study by the CDC found toolittle sleep and too much sleep are linked to chronic diseases, such as diabetes. (ViaSleep Journal)

As New York Daily News reports, the presidentof the American Academy of Sleep Medicine says, quot;Sleeping longer doesn't necessarilymean you're sleeping well. . Both the quality and quantity of sleep impact your health.quot; The British researchers say managing otherissues such as anxiety and physical health is also key to decreasing widespread pain.

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