Insomnia Therapy

By | October 1, 2018

Online Mindfulness CBT Therapy for Insomnia Mindfulness Cognitive Therapist for Insomnia

Welcome! My name is Peter Strong and I ama professional online therapist and I specialize in Mindfulness Therapy for anxiety, depression,and also for insomnia. I teach Mindfulness Meditation for insomnia and for dealing withreactive thinking in general. Mindfulness meditation is extremely effectivefor working with the reactive contents of mind. It's not about trying to remove thoughtsfrom the mind, because that simply creates patterns of aversion, which actually strengthensthe reactivity of the mind. So, during mindfulness meditation, we seek to change our relationshipto the thoughts and emotional reactions that arise in the mind and make it difficult toget to sleep.

We choose to, first of all, see the thoughtsthe moment they arise. So, training in conscious awareness; that's the first part of mindfulnessmeditation. But, that's not enough. We must respond to the thoughts and emotional reactionswith a quality of acceptance and friendliness that makes mindfulness quite unique. Whenwe learn to respond to our thoughts with this quality of awareness plus friendliness thenwe are practicing mindfulness meditation, and this is what leads to changes and thisis what can help you overcome the pattern of reactive thinking and aversion to reactivethinking that tends to create insomnia. So, if you would like to learn more aboutmindfulness meditation for insomnia, please

contact me through my website, counselingtherapyonline and we can schedule a session via Skype in which I can teach you how to work with reactivethoughts to help you overcome your insomnia. So, please contact me. Thank you!.

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