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By | September 17, 2018

Layali Hookah Lounge Top Hookah Bar in Orlando and Kissimmee

intro music gt;gt; GIRL: Layali Hookah Lounge has been openin Kissimmee for a little bit about a year and a half now. Been open since about May5th, 2012. We're trying to bring as much of a diverse amount of people as possible.We would love to have, you know, young younger kids, we'd like to have older people, wewould like to have just a complete diverse area just to welcome everybody in as muchas possible. gt;gt; GIRL: The brands of tobacco that we serveare AlFakher, we charge $10 for those. We

have Fantasia, we charge $14 for those. Andthen we have Starbuzz, we charge $15 for those. Some of our favorites, you know the most wellfavoredflavor that we have here at Layali in Kissimmee is the Double Apple. With the Fantasia blends,we have a lot of people who enjoy the Incredible Hulk, and then with the Starbuzz we have alot of people who enjoy the Blue Mist. A lot of things that, some of the things that peopledon't know about Layali is the fact that we do have Zaghloul, and a lot of people don'tknow that. Some people, they come in here, they just wanna be able to smoke, just theregular tobacco, no flavor, and they're not, you know, aware, that we have the Zaghloul,and we do. And another thing that we also

have that's available is the Nakhila Tobacco,the Double Apple. A lot of people enjoy mixing the Nakhila and the AlFakher, you know, theylike to mix it together, or just have Nakhila by itself. Just want to let everybody knowthat we also have those as well; those are also available. We serve a lot of foods andsnacks here. All of them are previously prepared. We have plenty of drink options that are availablefor all of our customers. We have teas, Moroccan Moroccan tea, red tea, green tea, black tea,we can put fresh mint in any of those. We also have Turkish coffee that's available,regular nosnos, halfhalf, or cappuccino. We have plenty of special sports events thatwe have to offer to the public. We have a

lot of football that we play during the fall.We have basketball season's just started. We also play some different leagues and stufflike that that's available through soccer. We play the Europe leagues, the Spanish leagues,the American leagues, all of those things are also. We have three 55 inch screen TVsthat are also available for anyone to watch as they like. And we also have a 96 inch projectorscreen, I believe. And we also have XBOX and a couple of controllers that are also availableto enjoy FIFA. gt;gt; GIRL: Come on down, you're more thanwelcome to have a seat, anybody here is definitely

more than welcome to come along. And we serveanybody 18 and older. And I just want everybody to, you know, to feel that this is their livingroom, they're more than welcome to come along and have some fun and hang out at agood spot.

Creating Infrastructure For Human Consciousness Sadhguru at IIT Madras

Speaker: So we have understood that you're so blissful by just seeing you and hearing you talk, but going through the history we find it so rare. Why is it so rare that we get enlightened peopleé Sadhguru: It is not rare, it is just that lot of them were not famous, that's all. They just quietly lived blissfully, it's not rare. There's substantial history in this country where every generation saw any number of enlightened beings in the past.

Today it is rare because See, suppose you you went to just the outskirts of Chennai hundred years ago, it would be rare to find a person who can read a Tamil letter, forget about an English letter. Yesé If you walked into a village you had to search the whole village to get one man who can read a Tamil script;

local language, not even a foreign language. Today if you go there, almost hundred percent everybody can read Tamil, at least sixty percent I believe; at least fifty percent can read English language. Yesé Why did this happené Because there's infrastructure, isn't ité

There's infrastructure of education, so it happened. And fortunately in the past there was phenomenal infrastructure in this country for inner wellbeing. This is the only society which built a lot of infrastructure for inner wellbeing, but today there's very little infrastructure. So this is one of the commitments that we have for the world, that we want to build infrastructure where it's purely for inner wellbeing of the human being. Because there is no infrastructure for human consciousness; that's the reason why it's not happening.

Here and there one man could read in the past whyé Because there was no infrastructure. If that man has to go to school he has to travel hundred kilometers, so he did not go. That whole village did not go, only one guy went somehow. So the same now – if you have to know something about yourself you have to go to Velliangiri Hills, Isha Yoga Center;

you never made it, isn't ité Participant: I went. Sadhguru: You went, oh. You're those ardent ones. (Laughter) So I'm saying if there was that kind of infrastructure in every street. In every street there was infrastructure for inner wellbeing, beyond faith, beyond religion, beyond denominations, just as as there is a milk booth, do you understandé

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