Mild Sleep Apnea And Driving

By | March 26, 2017

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how to treat insomnia naturally without medication.

Sleep Apnea and Truck Drivers Crete on the Dave Nemo Show

It's great to welcome Tim Aschoff back tothe program again, with Crete. Hey Tim, top of the morning. Good morning great to be back. We'll talk a little bit about your activitiesand some of the health initiatives too, and then the women in trucking. In fact, we'regoing to be going back to Dallas in September to broadcast from women in truckings firstaccelerate conference. We're looking forward to that, and I know you guys work very closelywith women in trucking as well. Yes indeed, you know a couple of the themesof the Great American Truck show this year

were just those two things. You know womenin trucking and certainly health topics are always on the mind of drivers in the industryso, those are two important things to us as a company as well. Particularly women in trucking.We have a lot of great female drivers out there that are an important segment as anindustry, and a growing part and it's important to recognize that and certainly welcome theminto our fold. What are some of the things that the womentell you, or what is kind of shared across the board when it comes to the experienceof women in trucking during the training process nowé

Well I think one of the biggest things isto throw away the stereotypes. I mean they are out there to do a job. They are very capable,and expect to be treated that way. We find that to be the case. I mean we have a lotof very good and capable women on our team and they come in and they're eager, they'reready to go. They often quite frankly have great attention to detail, sometimes betterthan the rest of us. You know, we certainly see that in their training and how focusedthey are and how well they do. Certainly when they are out on the road themselves, verygood at certainly understanding safety and what that means to them and those on the roadand also just the whole being your own manager

out there on the road and all the things youhave to do as a driver requires a lot of planning and attention to detail. They do well at that. Tim Aschoff with us, with Crete and Shaffer.Tim there was a time when a dispatcher could say “All right Tim, got your load get itover to synchronicity, when can you get it thereéâ€� “I can get it there by Wednesday.â€�“Ok, see ya.â€� You know, call me when you get there, you know that's really basicbut in other words you got the job done. Today, now, his ability to kind of run his own clockis gone, we have the inflexible 14hour rule. Flexibility is so important to drivers, wejust can't overstate that. That being said

we have what we have and it is what it is.How much time… how much more important is solid time management technique nowé Is thatthe next big training area in terms of making folks take advantage of what is out therefor them to take advantage of. Sometimes just doing one thing one way and something elsea different way you can change results on something and maybe there is a way to workwith this clock that folks need to be taught. I'm not a good time manager myself, youknowé Yeah, I understand it seems like the day goeson and your time slips away and you haven't accomplished what you wanted to. With thatinflexibility you mentioned, time management

is so critical. We still have to have peoplethat… drivers really need to understand the hours of service and what impacts theirday. What starts their clock. When can their clock stop. Which you know now is for verylimited purposes, so when that clock starts at the beginning of the day. When you go onduty that first on duty activity is very important, so that's important to plan. The activitiesyou're going to have throughout the day. When you're going to be able to fuel, whenyou're going to be at a shipper and receiver, and the timing of those things is important.What I think is even more important today than the driver obviously understanding isthat the teamwork between the driver and their

Living With and Managing Sleep Apnea

JIM: I had this problem throughout my life. Driving was always a problem, and I tried to make sure that no place I ever had to go was very far away because I knew I'd fall asleep. Carol Lynn was complaining about snoring and, more specifically, snoring and then long periods of nothing,

and then a gasp when I would, you know, start breathing again. Obviously, I wanted to enjoy my life with my children more than I felt that I was enjoying it. It's Saturday morning, and the kids are at your bed ready to do something, and I'm just like, quot;I gotta sleep, guys. I'm sorry. I can't play with you. I can't do this.quot; And I look back and I'm like, quot;This just can't be right.quot;

I had been talking to my about possibly having depression symptoms. I remember the other thing that I said to the when I went was that I no longer had any dreams. If you're not getting into REM sleep, you have no dreams. And so she's the one who then said, quot;Okay, we're gonna send you for a sleep study.quot; I spent the night there.

The amount of times that I was technically waking, and as low as my blood oxygen levels were, it was extreme. I was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea. Surgery, as it turned out, really wasn't a good option for me. The next step was that my did prescribe a CPAP machine. CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure.

The idea is they have to get the air pressure to your nose or your mouth or both in order to keep your airway open while you sleep. Because it wasn't comfortable for me to use, I was not using it as well as I should have been, in some cases not at all for weeks at a time. And things got worse, other symptoms appeared. I felt confused and out of it and just not right.

And I realized that I really needed to figure out a way to learn to live with this contraption. Now I'm at the point where I am consistently using it and have been for a long period of time. I definitely feel better. I'm looking forward to feeling better yet. Certainly, I have more energy to do activities with the children than I did before, and we do more.

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