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By | January 7, 2018

April Fools Tutorial Prank in Math Class

Teacher: If you have questionsAbout any of the stuff we did Then you can just look up one of these tutorialsIt will show you how. gt;gt; Tutorial: Because the sine is the hypotenuse over the oppositegt;gt; Oh wait gt;gt; Tutorial: And so we've got sinegt;gt; Teacher: Oh, I'm sorry. gt;gt; Tutorial: is equal to, and our hypotenuse here is x gt;gt; Teacher: That's totally backwards, it's itégt;gt; Tutorial: and the opposite is 10 gt;gt; Teacher: How embarrassinggt;gt; Tutorial:so sine is hypotenuse over opposite gt;gt; Teacher: That's really embarrassinggt;gt; Tutorial: Excuse me!é

gt;gt; Teacher:I said that's embarrassinggt;gt; Tutorial: Oh, I'm embarrassing youé Why don't you come over here and say that to my faceé gt;gt; Well, wait, you're just a tutorial, how could I come over thereé gt;gt; Tutorial: Oh yeahé!gt;gt; Teacher: Whoa! gt;gt; Tutorial: Now I'm trying to teach these people how to do a math problem. I don't know what you're saying. gt;gt; Teacher: Hey, hey, hey. Stop! Stop! Oops. I broke it. That'll fix him!

Stay there! Excuse me, folks, I'm going to have to takecare of this. gt;gt; Tutorial: How do you like that!éNow you're the one stuck in the tutorial. Aha! That'll fix him. Now I'm the one in control. Actually, now I get to be the teacher. All right! Now all you people.It's time to do a quiz.

Get out your phones and do a quiz.

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