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By | March 29, 2017

Magnesium A Natural Way To Treat Constipation Insomnia and Muscle Tension

Magnesium is essential to life, period. Itjust is. It's one of the most prevalent minerals in the body. It's involved in over300 metabolic pathways in the body. You're never going to get adequate magnesium in amultivitamin. Magnesium is found in dark, leafy greens. Almonds are a really good sourceof magnesium. I have my patients supplement with magnesium because so many of the issuesthat I see are magnesiumrelated. Magnesium deficiency can cause leg cramps and migraines.Insomnia from a lack of magnesium is a really common problem. Muscle tension can be causedby lack of magnesium and lots of my patients have muscle tension. They're just workingtoo hard. Magnesium will help with all of

those things. So I really like Natural Calmbrand. This is available everywhere such as Whole Foods and other health food stores.Natural Calm magnesium is so easy because the one thing about magnesium is it's kindof a large molecule, so sometimes to get a good dose of pills, you kind of have to takelike, three or four pills and nobody likes taking… I mean, some people are just pillpeople, and that's totally fine, but most of my patients are like, “No more pills.�It's like, they totally are just, “No more pills.� With Natural Calm magnesiumI have my patients do about a teaspoon in water before bed, and they just kind of worktheir way up in dosage. There are different

flavors. I think the raspberry lemonade tastesbetter. It kind of makes a little fizzy drink, but you could make it as a tea as well. Thisis just magnesium citrate. Some people are a little bit sensitive to magnesium if theytend towards diarrhea; if their stools are looser, magnesium can really accelerate that.On the flip side, if a person has had chronic constipation issues, this is typically theirMecca. And the other thing to say is that magnesium can drop blood pressure, so peoplewho are already really hypotensive, careful with taking too much at once. You really justwant to kind of break up your doses throughout the day, and you can add sea salt to the dietto kind of bring up the blood pressure if

the blood pressure's too low. But I thinkthat magnesium is really wonderful. The only other place to really caution with magnesiumis if people have kidney damage. It's actually really helpful for kidney stones, but if peoplehave kidney damage, like they're on dialysis, that is a place where they would need to checkwith their physician, but otherwise, I love magnesium across the board. You had a questionon magnesium. So her comment was that she had heard all of the beneficial health thingsabout magnesium, but she was also told that it really helps just keep the colon clean,and it does. I mean, if you dose up with magnesium the same way as if you dose up with vitaminC, you will really promote a looser stool.

The higher up you go, you will just see adirect effect, so it does help you clean out constantly. So in terms of a gentle detoxon a regular basis, magnesium will keep your bowels moving. Depending on your body typeI recommend taking 400 milligrams to 1,000 milligrams of magnesium per day. Start witha teaspoon of Natural Calm magnesium. Make sure you tolerate that, and then just workyour way up. So basically start with 150 milligrams and just kind of inch your way up and makesure you're tolerating the amount without diarrhea. Most of my patients take 600 milligramseasily in a sitting, but it's better to kind of start slow and work your way up.

How Do I Prevent From Getting Helicobacter Pylori Infection

Greetings. Eric Bakker, naturopath from NewZealand. Author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of products. Thanks forchecking out my tutorial again. We're going to continue on with our helicobacter pylori series.How do I prevent getting helicobacter pylorié What's the best way to prevent getting thisproblemé Well, it's very difficult to prevent any kindof bacterial overgrowth in the body permanently, so chances are that you will have alreadycome into contact with helicobacter pylori and many other different kinds of pathogens.You can be sitting in a situation now with many different kinds of bacteria in your house,on your body, it's not a problem. Don't freak

out. Not all bacteria are like Darth Vaderor they're creatures coming to get you all the time. When people hear the word quot;bacteria,quot;they start thinking about militants, rapists and murderers like all these gang relatedstuff, but it's not like that. We need bacteria around us constantly to achieve a lot of thethings that keep us healthy. Bacteria are acquired by our digestive systemto a large degree. A huge degree. If we didn't have bacteria, I wouldn't be talking to youright now. We're bags of bacteria. We've got billions of bacteria all around us, but again,it's all about the balance. Remember, if you've got a whole lot of good guys and you've gota smaller amount of the bad guys, it's not

so bad. When you've got a lot of bad guysand not a lot of good guys, it's starting to become a problem, so it's all about thebalance. Best way to stay well, in my opinion, is personalhygiene if you go traveling or anywhere. If we go back to the middle ages when they hadthe bubonic plague and lots of people died and the influenza epidemic in 1912 and welook at in history all these diseases and mass sicknesses people had, often hygienewasn't all that great. If we look at Zika virus and AIDS and all these diseases, a lotof them really originated in third world countries with appalling conditions. Absolutely appallingconditions.

I spent time in India back in the �90s andI couldn't believe what I saw, how unsanitary different parts of India were. I'll neverforget seeing a man killing a goat in the gutter or just butchering this animal. Andthen about 100 yards further downstream, there's a man shaving someone's face with a razorand rinsing it out in the gutter. That's how people get sick. Washing your hands, drinkingpure water, observing good personal hygiene, eating good food, being cautious if you travel,keeping your immunity strong, this is how you prevent helicobacter pylori, strong immunity.Strong immunity, lots of sleep, lots of good food, low stress lifestyle, fresh food diet.Don't hang around with negative people or

energy sucking people. These are all waysto keep your immune system powerful. Enjoy your job. I love my job. So you really haveto enjoy what you're doing. Hang with good people. There are a lot of sayings out therequot;You can't soar with the eagles if you fly with the turkeys.quot; If you're going to hangaround the bad crowd, you're going to end up with all sorts of emotional problems andprobably a lot of diseases and drug addictions and bad food habits and things like that.Try to hang with people that aspire you to greater health and great wellbeing.It sounds like a crazy thing to say, but these little things are going to help to preventgetting a lot of sicknesses for you. But the

basic one, personal hygiene. Always wash yourhands. Without being anal about it. You don't have to be like Michael Jackson and wear whitegloves everywhere you go or be crazy like that. But you do have to observe personalhygiene and this is one of the reasons why children are the ones who often get helicobacterinfections because of the lack of personal hygiene.It's the little things that you do that make all the difference. When I fly, I used tofly quite a lot, air travel to go to different conferences and things, the first thing Ioften do when I disembark the plane is I go to the restroom and wash my hands right away.That's the very first thing I do. I've got

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