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By | March 31, 2017

UN rights expert calls for concerted international pressure on N Korea

UN human rights investigator Marzuki Darusmanhas called for concerted international pressure to bring about fundamental change in NorthKorea′s human rights situation. Darusman also says that cooperation with theregime would certainly facilitate the process. Hwang Sunghee reports.UN Special Rapporteur on North Korean human rights Marzuki Darusman says North Korea′srelease of three American detainees was one dramatic response to calls for concerted internationalpressure on the regime. and added more pressure will bring fundamental change in the North′srights situation. quot;There must be no let up on this because therewill be no change without the international

community concertedly exerting political pressureon North Korea.quot; North Korea and its allies, including Cuba,want to water down a draft UN resolution on the issue, especially the part that refersthe North Korean leadership to the International Criminal Court.With the General Assembly due to vote on the resolution next month, Darusman advised againstany revision before then. quot;Any removal of the accountability clauseswould be a set back in efforts to pursue accountability.quot; The UN envoy, the first to hold talks withNorth Korean officials in 10 years, outlined a twotrack approach that involves workingwith the hermit kingdom.

quot;One track would be to vigorously pursue accountability.But then, experience in the past 10 years have shown that that is not enough.A second track would have to be cooperation with the regime, in order to be able to initiatethe beginnings of a long process to improve the livelihoods, the daily lives of NorthKoreans.quot; quot;Will North Korea cooperate if the case eventuallyis taken to the International Criminal Courtéquot; quot;The cooperation with the party that is beingprosecuted will be needed, of course, to facilitate that. But if there is no cooperation, thenthe international community will have to figure out how the accountability process will beenforced in spite of noncooperation on the

part of the North Koreans.quot;Hwang Sunghee, Arirang News.

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