Sleep Apnea Exhaustion

By | July 26, 2018

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Insomnia LOCKPORT NY, Sleep Apnea GASPORT,NEWFANE NY, Sleep Disorder, DENTIST LOCKPORT NY DENTIST LOCKPORT NY Do you snoreéLOCKPORT DENTAL PATIENT Do I whaté DENTIST LOCKPORT NY SnoreéLOCKPORT DENTAL PATIENT Snoring is annoying. Though I kind of think snoring is funny too.DENTIST LOCKPORT NY Not really. Most people who snore have something called sleep apnea,which means they stop breathing many times during the night, waking up slightly, anddon't get enough sleep causing all kinds of serious problems. LOCKPORT DENTAL PATIENTSeriouslyé

DENTIST LOCKPORT NY Seriously. Lately there'sa tremendous amount of concern in the news about so many people being tired and fatiguedduring the day LOCKPORT DENTAL PATIENT I hate being tired.I hate it! When I'm tired, I don't get as much done. I get cranky. I have less driveto accomplish things. Did I mention crankyé Also unmotivated. I'm not too happy. AndI'm cranky. DENTIST LOCKPORT NY yes, that is bad enough,but it can be more serious than that. There are news stories like the bus driver fallingasleep and wrapping his bus around a power pole killing himself and other people.LOCKPORT DENTAL PATIENT That's terrible!

DENTIST LOCKPORT NY Some believe that driversfalling asleep in cars may cause more accidents than those driving drunk. LOCKPORT DENTALPATIENT I hadn't thought of that. So for some people, this tiredness problem is calledéDENTIST LOCKPORT NY Sleep apnea. It is estimated that eighteen million people in the UnitedNYs may have this sleep disorder. LOCKPORT DENTAL PATIENT Eighteen millionéAre you kidding meé DENTIST LOCKPORT NY I am not. It's potentiallya serious ailment that can also cause medical problems like high blood pressure, heart disease,stroke, poor concentration, irritability, weakened immune system, and memory loss.LOCKPORT DENTAL PATIENT How does sleep apnea

happenéDENTIST LOCKPORT NY The most common form happens when the throat muscles relax during sleepand cause the airway to be blocked, often by the tongue. Your breathing temporarilystops. LOCKPORT DENTAL PATIENT Yikes. Breathing stopséThat can't be good. DENTIST LOCKPORT NY It's not.It causes oxygen levels to lower in the blood, the brain detects this decrease and reopensthe airway and you will continue breathing again. The gap in breathing is very briefand you never fully wake up so you don't even know it's happening. LOCKPORT DENTALPATIENT I wonder if I have it. When I'm

tired, I just reach for coffee or a Red Bullenergy drink in the afternoon. DENTIST LOCKPORT NY That isn't healthy anddoesn't solve the real problem. Besides, sleep apnea causes other issues, like increasingthe risk of dying from heart attacks during sleep by 30 percent.LOCKPORT DENTAL PATIENT Not good at all. So how do you know if you have itéDENTIST LOCKPORT NY Most people don't. People may think they got a full night's sleep,but are still very tired. That's because they really only got a couple of hours ofquality sleep. Their sleep is constantly interrupted so they don't get the deep sleep they reallyneed. It's believed some people stop breathing

twenty to thirty times an hour.LOCKPORT DENTAL PATIENT Once more yikes! So how does anyone know they have itéDENTIST LOCKPORT NY Sleep apnea is most common with people who also snore, and often withpeople who are very overweight. Frequently, your sleeping partner may notice your breathingstop during the night, or at least notice the snoring. Once you suspect, you can gettested for it. LOCKPORT DENTAL PATIENT If you do have sleepapnea, can anything be doneé DENTIST LOCKPORT NY Yes. One common treatmentfor sleep apnea is a CPAP device. The patient actually wears an oxygen maskwhile sleeping that connects to a machine.

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