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By | April 11, 2018

how to change the pressure on your philips respironics remstar auto aflex

Hey guys, Andrew Esquivel here back with anothertutorial. Today, I'm going to show you how to change the settings for pressure on yourPhillips Respironics Remstar Auto AFlex machine. Now, a lot of people with say this is a legalgray zone because supposedly it is a myth that it is illegal to change the settingson this and should only be changed by your physician and what not. It's not illegal.Show me the law that states that it is illegal and I'll take this tutorial down. Until then,I don't believe you. It doesn't make sense. I've seen testimonials from other ssaying that it's absolutely ridiculous to think that so I hope they're right. Anyways,moving along. This is the CPAP and its got

the humidifier and the heated tube. Now, letsgo to the settings here. Obviously.we've got 'Therapy', 'CFlex', 'Setup', 'Info'.Most people would just go to 'Setup' and be like quot;La De Da De Da. Oh wait a minute, theonly thing I can adjust is the ramp and the ramp is right here.quot; You can always set rampto something lower than what it actually can do. So what we do is go back and click 'Setup'.Keep it on there for a minute. Follow me. Hold these two buttons here ('Ramp' and 'Wheel'button) while it's on setup. Hold it and you'll hear a few beeps. Now, you've entered thereal menu. Now, go to 'Setup'. Now, this is what you change. Change the 'Auto max' andthe 'Auto min'. Now, I recommend don't go

past your 'Auto max'. Just change your 'Automin' and there's a number of reasons why you'd do this. If the settings are too high andyou start getting uncomfortable and you start having leaks and what not or it's hard tobreathe, you'd lower it. If you can't breathe at all, you'd raise it. Now, lets exit outof here because there are a lot of settings in here. Let me just go back. Okay, so.wheredoes this leave usé Well, I got another topic of discussion for you. Now, when it comesto CPAP masks, there are different designs we all know this. I need a full face. Alot of people have this. It is the 'Mirage Quadro From ResMed', pretty decent mask. It'sdesigned to work at the lower pressure settings

around 5 to 7. However, at 7 I do find myselfhaving a lot of leaks. So, with this mask, I would lower it from 7 in order to make itmore comfortable and I'd have the max at whatever my prescribed me at. Now the next scenariohappens to be something called a 'Hybrid Mask'. So a 'Hybrid Mask' has some unique thingsabout it. It is a full face technically but as you can see it's not like other full facemasks. For the nose, it has nasal pillows and for the mouth it's just a mouthpiece.Now this is an issue because I did a review on this mask and it's a cool mask except forthe fact it's nearly impossible to breathe through your nose because these tubes justdon't allow enough air to pass through for

you to be able to breathe. Well, I thoughtquot;What if i increased the pressure to allow me to actually breatheéquot; And I did that. Andit's like freakin' magic, I can breathe. So, I did a little experiment with that and itworked. For that mask, I had to set it all the way to 12 way higher than what my prescribed for my minimum pressure but this mask required it in order to function at all.But of course you get other issues where you have some leaking because it is higher pressure.What are you gonna do, you want to be able to breathe righté It defeats the purpose ofa CPAP mask if you can't even breathe. So, I mean there are different scenarios in whichyou would need to adjust it and it's not like

you're gonna go to your every singletime if you're 's like mine and you just can't get an appointment. You got todo it on your own and for the most part it doesn't make sense to drive all the way to to change one setting especially if you just want to use a different mask. I'vegot a variety of masks. I've got: nose masks, I've got full face, I've got hybrid masks.Each one needs something a little different. So it only makes sense that you'd want tochange your settings by yourself dependent on the situation. The only thing is, knowyour limits. Don't do anything that's ridiculous and uncomfortable. Don't do anything that'llbreak the machine. And, I just wanna note,

Castle Rock Dentist New Patient Special

Hello, this is Jeff Hopp and I am live with Scott Brody of Castle Rock Family Dental. We're going to talk about their new patient special. Brody, thanks for being with us here today. My pleasure Jeff, good to see you. So tell us exactly what is the special that you offer to new patients of your practiceé Well Jeff, we offer to have them come in for a complete exam and consultation essentially

We take any necessary XRays, get a couple photographs, and just do a real thorough exam Give them a summary of what's going on, address any concerns or problems they've having obviouslyand let them know if there's any treatment needed and answer any questions they haveregarding that. That sounds like a great free offer

for a new patient. What would that normally cost somebodyé What's the value of that offeré Well, our normal fee for that is twohundred forty three dollars so yes it's a real good value for our new patients. One question that comes to mind for me andit may be a concern for some patients Are XRays safeé They are especially with the digital xraysthat we use here in the office. That

allows us to significantly reduce the amount of exposure that's necessaryto get a good full set of XRays. And. really having a full set of XRays is about thesame exposure as a patient would get just flying in an airplane for thirtyminutes so it's really pretty minimal. I mean,we get exposure to radiation just being outside so and we try and keep it to aminimum but it's really not anything

I feel patients should be concernedabout. That's definitely reassuring and itsounds like it's something that's necessary to make sure that patients are gettingthe proper treatment. Is that correcté Exactly. There's a lot of things I can't see just looking directly at their teeth so we really do need the XRays and if patients are having a lot ofexposure for other medical things we certainly can modify that but generally it's not a concern. How can

prospective patients schedule a new appointment or take advantage of this fantastic offeré Well, they can give us a call at the office. Our phone number is 3036882229 Or they can just log on to our website and there's a link there they can communicate with our front office by email. Oh, great, what is the address to the websiteé The address is

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