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By | June 9, 2018

Natural Cures for Insomnia

Hey guys, Axe here from DrAxe . Oneof the most common things I'll hear from my patients, is they'll say, quot; Axe, I can'tsleep.quot; And if you're one of those people that have trouble falling asleep, or strugglewith insomnia, or you wake up during the night, that's very common. In this tutorial I'm goingto go through the exact steps you need to follow to get better quality of sleep andto help you fall asleep fast. Step number one in overcoming sleep deprivationis to change your diet, surprisingly. And, for a lot of people, their diets are keepingthem from falling asleep. Before you go to bed, you need to really drop your carbohydrateconsumption. If you're consuming too many

sugars and carbs, your body is burning those,it's getting warm. And so, lowering that sugar, and grain intake, and carbohydrate intakebefore bed is important. And get some good quality fats before you go to bed. Somethinglike an avocado is a great food to actually help you fall asleep at night, either avocadoor some organic yogurt. So again, avocado and organic yogurt, are the best foods tohelp you naturally fall asleep. The reason they work is those foods are high in magnesiumand potassium. Magnesium and potassium are two crucial nutrients you need to help relaxthe body and to help you fall asleep at night. So remember avocado and yogurt, the top twofoods you can consume just a little bit here

or there in the evening that will help youfall asleep at night. The second step you need to do to overcomeinsomnia is to reduce stress. And for most people, along with diet, this is the big thingthat's keeping you up at night, is your mind starts racing, you keep thinking and you can'tshut your brain off. And there are several reasons for that. One, is you watched TV upuntil the point that you went to bed. That visual stimulus you're watching constantly,especially the blue light, and that doesn't just include the TV screen, it also includesyour computer, your iPad, or your phone. And that light is blue light, which actually tellsyour pineal gland in your brain that it actually

needs to keep running, so it messes with yourcircadian rhythms and cortisol levels. It keeps you from falling asleep at night whenyou were looking at that bright blue light in the computer screens and TV screens. So,about 30 minutes at least, ideally, an hour, but at least 30 minutes before bed, you needto shut off all electronics, and you need to start reading something that helps yourelax. Or start journaling. So you can get out ajournal and start writing things down. You can look at your schedule for the next dayand write that down. But I really recommend reading a novel that you enjoy, reading adevotional, your Bible, or just something

that helps you relax and wind down at least30 minutes before bed. And that's going to help, and in general reducing stress. And if you have something that's really stressingyou out, that's keeping you from sleeping at night, I recommend you start writing downthose things that stress you out. Work on addressing those the best you can, and thenstart scheduling things into the week that you love to do. It is so important. If you'vehad a great day, and you've been happy all day, it actually creates certain hormonesin your body known as endorphins that actually help you fall asleep at night. So actually,having a good mood throughout the day can

help improve your sleep at night. So stepnumber two, shut down the computers and read a book before bed. As well as just add somejoy into your life. Reduce stress; it's very important for falling asleep at night. Step number three, is take quality supplements,especially a magnesium supplement. And taking a magnesium supplement, about 400 to 500mga night before bed, can help you naturally reduce stress, and really improve sleep. Andso I recommend a high quality magnesium chelate or magnesium citrate before bed. So takinga magnesium supplement can help you fall asleep. Also supplements like melatonin can help,or valerian root. But I don't recommend doing

How To Stop Snoring Sleep Peacefully

are you the victim of a snoreré you're notalone fifty four percent of married couples say their partners snores butas Michelle Spearman reports a madeinCalgaray device could have both of yousleeping like babies it's not that bad! that's what he thinks people who snore often don't realizejust how loud the really are if i'm not in a deep sleep and wake upthen I can't really get back to sleep The first thing they'll tell the or the dentist is Idon't think i'm suffering from snoring but

my spouse tells me I do. Hi Vick, how are you todayé Vick Close is a typical snorer: an older adult male who is slightly overweightthough females snore too he's agreed to try a new antisnore device called MPowerX it's a little awkward to begin with but you do get used to it snoring is both a breathing and a sleepdisorder caused when the airway becomes partially blocked it's the tongue falling back and blocking the airway for many casesit's it's a simple tongue position that's in

the wrong place. Oral appliances thatreposition the jaw are already available but they can be expensive and painful this inverted soother actuallysuctions the tongue out of the way. I was surprised and excited at how simple it was because it didn't pull the jaw instead it pulled the tongue forward so wedon't get the joint and the muscle issues but we open up the airway. It was developed by a dental researcherat the U of C and it appears

to be more effective than things like nosestrips, throats sprays and pillows On average thirtytwopatients uh. they saw a reduction in thesnoring by by about fifty percent Snoring is often a sign of a moreserious medical problem known as sleep apnea MPowerX is not licensed to treat thatcondition. It's been two weeks for Vick and so far.It's been fabulous I had a really good sleep and I think that Vick did too

in fact it works so well they might need two of them So does she snoreé Yeah. Reallyé So Kathy, would you ever try ité Yes I would. Michelle's Spearman, Global Nuse the MPowerX device forces you tobreathe through your nose so you can't wear it if you have nasal issues orif you have a cold if you're interested in trying it outyou can log onto our website just click

on health needs and then follow the link.

How To Stop Someone From Snoring Ways To Stop Snoring Help Me To Stop Snoring

Hi I've been thinking quite a bit before decidingto post this tutorial onto YouTube, but I feel it's really important for me to share my experiencewith the world. My husband Mike literally has had historyof snoring issue and I got nervous since we're going out in the earlier days.Well it didn't really bother me at that time, but it become a huge burden for us after wegot married and start sleeping together. You know whether it is waking me up in themiddle of night or even he wakes himself up in the early morning and he doesn't get enoughof quality sleep. I feel sorry to say this, but he really snorelike a bear and I think even the peoples living

across the street can hear it.Okay, probably I sound a little exaggerated, but my point is he does snore really badly.I remember there was an occasion where my mum was spending a weekend at our house hangingout with the kids. I just couldn't forget my mum's impressionearly in the morning when she asked me quot;Was that really the snoring sounds coming fromMike or you're leaving the TV on for the whole nightéquot;And guess what, my mom actually sleeping in the guest room down stair.Well, we had enough of suffering and we really want to get a sound solution.Honestly we have been searching for everything

about how to stop snoring through internet,be it antisnoring foods, natural remedies that could help relieve snoring, all kindsof snore pillows, even we went for seminar teaching how to get rid of snoring and thingslike that. Well guess what none of it works, honestlynone of the ways we've tried works. Anyway one day I was doing search online whereI came across some reviews testimony from some end users about using different mouthpiecesto relieve snoring. I ran through each testimony and I spottedone with quite positive reviews. Well I was thinking to myself, it could beanother product people trying to sell, it

can't be possible that a simple mouthpiececan relieve snoring. Furthermore I didn't think Mike will feelcomfortable putting on a mouthpiece during sleep.Well I continue to do some more research on this particular mouthpiece and surprisinglythere are quite a few good comments about it.So I had a discussion with Mike he feel that it will be no harm to give it a try atleast. Afterall, it does have a 30 days trial period,worst come to worst we can just return it ask for a refund.But if it does work, it will be life changing

for us.So we made a purchase online, we waited a few days for them to mail it finally arrivein 3 to 4 days. Upon opening up the package looking at themouthpiece, my first impression was it's going to be another failure we're going to returnit anyway. Anyway Mike was following through the instruction he finally figure out how to get it custom fit into his mouth.It was the first time Mike giving it a try and I was excited to see the result.When I woke up in the morning, I was shock. It was the very first night that I slept withleast disturbance since I've been sleeping

together with Mike for past 8 years.I'm not going to lie saying this has completely get rid of Mike's snoring, but it has beenlargely reduce make it so much bearable to me.Our life has improved so much that I can finally get some good quality sleep even though Mikedid admit that he hate to put this in his mouth, but he does look having more energywaking up in early morning. We are really happy that we found somethingthat work for us, so I just want to share our experience with the world.If you are one of those still searching out to get rid of severe snoring issue, and Idefinitely encourage you to check this out.

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