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By | March 22, 2017

How To Treat Insomnia How To Treat Insomnia Naturally

how to treat insomnia naturally without medication.

Trouble in Bed When Sleep Turns Against Us

Say you've been napping, like between classes, or after a long night out, or, I don't know, after broadcasting on YouTube for 48 straight hours to raise money for charity. Now, imagine you waking up, and suddenly you discover that you can't move. You want to speak, but you can't; you're mind is acutely aware of what's happening, but you are powerless to get your body to do anything. It may last a few seconds, it may last a few minutes, in rare cases it can last more than an hour it's called Sleep Paralysis and you might not have to imagine it

because up to 40% of us have experienced this sleep disorder at some point in our lives. I am one of them. We don't like to think about the bad things that can go on while we're in dreamland just as we hate the disorders that keep us from even falling asleep Hello, Insomnia. But even though we've talked a lot on this show about the science of sleep Why we need it Why we dream

and where dreams come from. There is a whole other polymorphously messed up realm of human biology that explains what happens when sleeps turns against us. We can't turn our brains off. We forget to breathe. We have waking hallucinations. Some of us even walk, eat, run, and have entire conversations when we're asleep. The halfasleep brain is a crazy place

and once you understand it, you may never see the back of your eyelids the same way again. (intro music) When most people think of the things that cramp our sleep style they think, Insomnia. But defining, diagnosing, and treating this most common sleep disorder can be tricky. In fact, for a long time, most scientists considered insomnia to be a symptom of another problem like depression, anxiety, asthma, stress, substance abuse, a traumatic injury even jetlag Though, today, insomnia is considered by many to be a chronic disease of its own

that interacts with other medical conditions So, if you've ever had prolonged trouble falling asleep, or staying asleep but you don't have any other health issues then s would probably say that you have Primary Insomnia. If you do have something else going on, like a physical or psychological condition then you've got Secondary Insomnia. And most cases of Secondary Insomnia are chronic meaning it lasts for more than a month.

There are also cases of Acute or shortterm Insomnia which is usually triggered by stress or some specific life event Whatever the cause scientists believe these Insomnias are the result of the simple but eternal struggle between arousal and sleepiness. More and more research is suggesting that a condition known as HyperArousal where the nervous system remains in a constant state of alert may be the main reason for chronic insomnia.

Insomnia The Different Kinds A Few Solutions

Questioner: Could you please say something about insomniaé I've been suffering insomnia for nearly six years. So, could you give me some feasible instructionsé Sadhguru: Insomnia may be occurring for various reasons. There are some people who are sleeping well but they don't know that they are sleeping well (Laughs). There are some people who are not able to sleep well because maybe their body needs a certain amount of rest

and they believe it needs more, so they are just working themselves up. I've met so many people who are quite okay, but they think they are not sleeping enough because 's prescription of eight hours, they are not sleeping, they are sleeping only four hours. They are well, it's okay. If you're well, you are not sleep deprived and you're sleeping threefour hours a day, it's perfectly fine,

that's a good condition to be in. Or there are people who are unable to sleep because of their psychological situations. There are certain people who are not able to sleep because of their cellular or genetic situation. Only if you are like that, it's a… it's a hard thing to fix, which you are not, okayé (Sadhguru Laughs) You are not genetically in that state.

Or in a cellular way, your body cells will not allow you to sleep for some reason, there are many reasons as to why. So, if you're not able to sleep, I think you should join our garden department (Laughter). Entire day, ten hours a day you work outside (Gestures), you'll fall asleep (Laughs), very.

If that doesn't work, the simpler way is, if you get initiated into Shoonya meditation The Shambhavi should do it. For most people, Shambhavi does this. If it did not work for you, if you're initiated into Shoonya mediation, you will see it'll correct the… the sleep disorder,

if there is a sleep disorder. You're looking quite fine and happy. And if you are happy not sleeping, it's great (Laughter). Yes, because sleep is death. Every day, people are dying for six hours or eight hours or four hours. What's your choiceé Less death or more death per dayé Participants: Less.

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