Sleep Disorders Where Your Always Tired

By | March 31, 2017

Why Am I Always Tired Reasons and Remedies

Do you feel like you are always tiredé Even after a good night's sleep you are still feelingworn out an exhaustedé I'm rachel from AskUs1st and inthis tutorial will have a look at the reasons for tiredness And more importantly what can be done aboutthem the first and most obvious question to askyourself is am I getting enough sleep most adults require at least six to eight hoursof sleep in order to function properly school children need between ten and twelvehours to remain alert during the day

and it seems enough sleep has positive effectsboth on the kids abilities to concentrate as well as many on their immune system besides getting enough sleep the best thingyou can do to reduce your tiredness is to lead a healthy lifestyle eating healthygetting enough exercise and so on the human body needs adequate levels of thevitamins and minerals and a balanced and healthy eating plan should be able to satisfy thoseneeds without too much effort although it may sound somewhat contradictory more rest isn't always the answer when feelingtired and not getting enough physical exercise

can actually be one of the main reasons for feelingconstantly tired if exercise has been off the schedule for quite some time you can startwith long walks out in the fresh air for the next goal should be to find anotherphysical activity that you like ideally one that involves moving your wholebody particularly those muscles that get tense during your normal workday if you are getting enough sleep eat well andexercise regularly but you are still exhausted without any apparent reason you maybe suffering from a medical condition one common reasons for always feeling tired isanemia

this condition is usually seen due to iron deficiency in menstruating women iron deficits can also be brought on by pregnancythe wrong diet or the colon disease such as celiac disease constant general tiredness may also be signsof other serious disease such as cancer hiv diabetes and several other conditions after eliinating almost every other possiblediagnosis you may also find that you suffer

from the so far inexplicable condition referredto is chronic fatigue syndrome if despite getting enough sleep and livinghealthy you feel constantly tired for longer than a month you should definitely consult with your particularly if you also suffer other symptoms like excessive sweating at night blood in yourstool swollen lymph nodes constantly being thirsty or other symptoms that have surfacedrecently if you want to share your experiences withconbating tiredness make a comment about it below this tutorial

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Is Your Thyroid Making You Tired No Matter How Much Sleep You Get Saturday Strategy

Hey my friend! Drew Canole. We are on theway to meet one of my good friend and I want to bring you with me. You see, my friend Jimis a traditional Chinese medicine and he understands functional medicine so he looksat the whole body as this awaken machine and once we know how to turn it on then it canliterally heal from the inside out. What we're talking about today is thyroid health andit's an epidemic that's plaguing the modern world as we know it and if you're experiencingany thyroid condition or you're thinking maybe you have some of the symptoms, I wantedto bring you with me and introduce you to my good buddy Jim so that you and I couldreally get to the bottom of this because when

I say we're in this together, you know Imean it. So let's go meet Jim. I'm with Jim Chialtas here in sunny San Diego. He'smy acupuncturist and he wanted to give some of his time to you today to help us understandthis epidemic that's happening throughout the world and that is thyroid health. So he'sa traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, two kids, loves life in San Diego, gettingout in nature. He's a true FitLifer so he's here. He's gonna help us today. Thanks forcoming up my man. Thanks for having me. So one of the questions we ask everyone in thecommunity is why do you do what you doé Well I have a fascination with human health mywhole life for sure and as I got into practicing

I have really seen a huge problem with generalenergy and kind of productivity in happiness in life really. That's what I like to offeras best as I can. Yep. Getting function back and giving people ability to enjoy their lives.And you've spent over 15 hundred hours helping people in acupuncture specifically beforeyou became… Correct. It was about 15 hundred hours master's degree which is approximatelya four year degree after college. Somebody that's not familiar with acupuncture, whatwould you tell themé Like what does it do in the human bodyé It's not as scary asit sounds. Haha. Hmm, acupuncture is one tool that we can use as acupuncturists toregulate body energy. We call it Chi but regardless

of what you want to call it, or believe itwholeheartedly or not, we are stimulating this to the body using this point system tohelp invigorate and energize the body. Yep. Opening up meridians and one of the meridianswe're actually talking about today, I don't even know if it's meridian, but the thyroidrighté It's not a meridian but I can kind a make some correlations for sure. So it'sthis gland. Well, tell us a little bit about thyroid. What does it doé Sure. Thyroid isas you put on your throat. It's located in our throat. The thyroid gland think ofit as your gas pedal. I mean it is your metabolism so one of the most common things that we treathere are low thyroids. If you have a low thyroid

you're not pushing on the gas pedal veryfast and everything slows down. So how does that show up in your dayé What do you experienceif you have a low thyroidé A suffering energy levels for sure, depression, poor motivation,low libido, constipation among other things. Yeah before I came in here and started workingwith you, you had me fill out like this six page questionnaire and a lot of the questionswere relative to energy and libido and all that other stuff. So what you do is you lookat it from an integrative approach, much more of a functional way to really understand humanbody. My practice, though I'm an acupuncturist, I'm medical licensed and I do Chinese medicine,I have also form a specialty in functional

blood chemistry and that really allows usto address things like thyroid because the ancient Chinese didn't know what the thyroidwas. They might, getting back to your meridian question, it might be like a gas spleen orkidney meridian which has to do with your daily energy and longevity concepts. Let'stalk specifically about things that you would advise your clients to do outside of gettingacupuncture to increase the gas pedalé To give them more energy to help them out throughoutthe dayé Downturn blood sugar which means avoiding all the garbage. I mean you know,really, we have to really work hard at it on this stage. Odds are stacked against usjust waking up in the morning. Okay. So balancing

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