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7 MYTHS You Still Believe About SLEEP

Five more minutes of sleepand then I'll do the intro. A personal favorite pasttime of mine and something we all do is sleep, it seems likea straight forward activity, right, I mean we all know thatthe more sleep that we get, the better and even if you don't, you can catch up on it later, righté Except that none of those things are true. Today, I'm going to takeseven of the most commonly

believed myths that you likelystill believe about sleeping, and explain the truth behind them. You've likely heard manyof these myths in your life and some of you might actuallybe living your lives by them. So, in an attempt to giveyou some much nicer Z's, here are seven myths youstill believe about sleep. The more sleep you get the better. Oh, if only this were true.

It's a very common myththat if you're able to, you should sleep as longas you possibly can. And if you love sleep, thissounds too good to be true. And that's because it is. Studies have shown thatpeople who sleep more than eight hours a night on average, die younger than people witha shorter sleep schedule. Now this does not meanthat you should be sleeping

as little as possible becausethat has been proven to bring about even more dangerous effects. Longer sleeping patterns havebeen linked to sleep apnea, diabetes, and even depression. A warm glass of milk willhelp you fall asleep. Moms little trick toquickly get you a snoozing, a warm glass of milk is stillmany peoples goto method of ironically jumpstartingthe sleep process.

This myth stems from milkcontaining tryptophan, an amino acid that produces serotonin. In turn, serotonin isessential for healthy sleep. So this all makes perfect sense, righté Well, it turns out thatafter studying milks effects on the body, scientistsdiscovered that milk alone, won't give your body thatknockout punch that it needs. Your body also requires foodsloaded with carbohydrates,

which helps it produce insulin. Coupled with tryptophan, thecarbs will help bring out the effects that milk alone simply won't. It is speculated that milk actually has a psychological effect onour sleeping patterns. Watching TV while in bedhelps you fall asleep. The most popular thing todo before going to sleep for many people, especiallyin North America, is watch TV.

How Do You Reduce Sleep Quota and Increase Sleep Quality

Questioner: I was wondering how can I decrease my hours of sleep and how can I improve my sleep qualityé Sadhguru: See, sleep is not a requirement in one's life. What the body requires is rest. Sleep is just one form of rest. Lot of people are beginning to think in Tamil Nadu if somebody says, ‘He is resting,' means they're sleeping. (Laughter)

Need not be. You can sit and rest, isn't ité Yesé You can stand and also rest. You're running – if you stand, doesn't it feel like resté You're standing, if you sit down, doesn't it feel like resté There are many ways of resting.

The most important thing is rest means you're changing the energy equation where consumption is lowered, production is going on at the same pace. So after a period of time, you feel rejuvenated because consumption has been lowered. Essentially you're managing the energy equation. If you're on acute activity, the consumption is more; whatever you're producing it's not enough,

after some time you feel exhausted because the consumption has been heavy. If you lower the consumption and increase the production, after sometime you feel energized. Suppose you're running, if you run a mile, after that you can't take another step, let's say. Oh, many of you have been running for Isha marathons, Isha Vidya marathons,

forty, fortytwo kilometers, all right, whenever after a mile or two you can't take another step, don't eat anything, don't drink anything, just sit down for ten minutes, again you're fine, rejuvenated, isn't ité All you have done is lowered the consumption, production is still at the same level.

So now there are ways to lower the consumption and increase the productivity also. So if you come to a certain state of ease When I say ease, it's not something that most people will ever understand because most people are not at ease. If you're at total ease, if the system is at total ease,

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