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How To Treat Insomnia How To Treat Insomnia Naturally

how to treat insomnia naturally without medication.

10 Ways to Stop Being Tired

Hey, what's up, everyoneé My name's Motoki Maxted. How are you guys doing todayé I don't know about a lot ofyou guys, but I feel tired basically 247, but now it'sofficially summer vacation. (blows noisemaker)Yas! So, I'm going to try to breakmy cycle of every summer, which consists of nothing.

My daily routine is usuallysleeping, eating, laying around, eating, checking my Twitter, eating. Did I mention eatingé I lack energy all the time,and I want to fix that, so I did some research tohelp me, and hopefully, any of you guys watching. So, let's just get right into it. Number one: get a good night of sleep.

Wow, I bet you didn't know this one. This is obvious, just make sureyou're getting enough sleep. Something I need to work on isactually getting less sleep. I get around nine hoursa day, and apparently, getting too much sleep is bad for you. Whaté I know, righté Number two: exercise and work out. Now, I know some of youwatching might be thinking,

quot;Exerciseéquot; (laughs) I'll admit, it's easier said than done, but just force yourself to do it. Try your best to stop sitting and laying around all the time. This is me. Go running, walking. You can even stretch or do yoga.

Just do something toget your blood pumping and muscles moving. It'll get your body working,and you'll feel a lot more energized throughout the restof the day because of it. Number three: Listen toyour favorite happy music. Go to your room, put your headphones on, and get jiggy with it. Let your moves out.

It doesn't even matterif you suck at dancing. Just do what feels good. Just remember to close thedoor, or else you might find someone else watching you. (hip hop music) Number four: eat healthy. Apparently, there are these things called fruits and vegetables, andthey're like super good for you.

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