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By | March 30, 2017

How to treat Anxiety and Depression Natural Cure VitaLife Show Episode 88

welcome to the Vitalife show I'm Janine Bowring and today's topic is all about thenatural cure for anxiety and depression so you need not suffer that's my wholemessage and there are some natural things thatyou can do to really help yourself to bring you out that anxiety state and also if you have adepression issue or problem so first and foremostget adequate sleep I can't say this enough Itell my patients

make sure that you get a restful sleepevery night so for some people that means eight hours for some people that's10 hours some people are okay with six hours butI do say the average is about eight hours per night have a goodquality sleep make sure your sleeping in a dark roomand this really has a lot to do with a light receptors that we have an alloverskin cells helping to shut down our active hormones of the day andincreasing our melatonin as we sleep at night so that's first and foremost soimportant that you sleep in a dark room

try to go to bed at the same time every night because that's really important for again setting your body clock in motion and wake up at the same timeevery morning as well this will help you to get that restfulsleep so that when you wake up you have the energy to face the day which is soimportant meditation is also very helpful if you suffer from anxiety and or depressionand what meditation helps you to do it helps to quiet the mind and

a lot of people you know may havedifficulties if you tried meditation shutting off that mindthat has all those thoughts of the day while the more you practice it's likeanything the more you practice the better you become at meditation and you may want to visualize your favorite setting, beingwith your favorite people and this can really help in terms ofagain quieting that busy mind helping if you do haveanxiety you can actually focus on very

positive images to help to pull you out of that anxiety state I always say that the law of attractionis always working you really have to havepositive thoughts so whenever you're putting out there is exactly what willsee manifest in your life so imagine if you always have negativethoughts that nothing goes your way things you know and people don't react to youthe way that you want them to maybe you have in securities well

if you're putting out those messagesthat's exactly what you manifest so you really want to be conscious ofmanifesting positive things by putting out positiveenergy and positive thoughts and it only takes a second to change a negative thought into a positive one so I encourage you the first pay attention toyour thoughts and sort of document how many negative thoughts you haven'tday versus positive thoughts and once youstart to realize that you know maybe all your thoughts are quitenegative you can slowly one by one start

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