Sleepless Night App Walkthrough

By | April 16, 2018

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Black Sails The Ghost Ship Walkthrough Part 1

where are we but it's a total mess hello which we just can't hurt to take a lookaround Canada right not bad what you doing GB shirt on ok I beg your pardon toadmit the crew we should be ready for anything you can't just walk around andsteal things mister drop the formalities call me lets blacks see wasn't that hardI think first there's no we understood you do whatever suits you but don'tcount me in

don't you see that all these concernsboth of us don't you see that you're getting on my nerves it was a strange for both of us willjust happen to us your neck let's focus on how we can get out of here a good decision sorry for losing mytemper I don't remember seeing you during the trip might be because I was abit too busy cleaning onto that piece of wood while the storm was throwing aroundto pay attention to anything else what's most important is that I'm aliveand well whatever ship sinks so fast he

crashed into something but no one onboard so it was which is hardly surprising considering was pitch blackthat night I'd really like to know what happened I'm afraid we'll never find outwhat kind of shape is this a Brigantine to match the transport ship not brandnew ten fifteen years old that I guess but there's something strange about thisship what do you mean much shorter and all looks like it's been put togetherwith miscellaneous parts look around everything's kind of strange you seem toknow a thing or two about ships I've been around even worked on 11 Photoshopwas blown far of any trading route

during the storm how could we bump into a trading shipout here that's true shit like this has got no business being in these waters ifthis is what it looks like inside the captain's cabin after first riches withproper captain doesn't boast about what he's got hidden up his sleeve you gotta look behind the scenes if youget my drift where did you say you were heading up ofcourse but what was you know what you up I'm a reporter for the daily newspapersback home they would believe it or not

there's no place for a man like me whatdo you mean to be honest I voice I'm sorry I've lost my bag come again myback and maybe next time you should look at your stuff better well maybe you sawsorry let's talk later the newspapers are rather old one of the headlinestells about kidnapped and murdered children from the captain clotheslineleaves behind the wall and is tied to a beam the road goes behind the wall I cando that with just my bare hands it's too tight the captain my picture shows a beautifulwoman

was looking at me the portrait of acaptain seems to have a thing for ships it shows a large ship in Harbor thepictures crooked I should take a closer look let's see what those pictures aboutas if it was looking at me my first small key attached to the back of thepicture a picture of a large ship with white sales could this be the captainthat strange feeling feat draft there is in fact a ventilation grid behind thebook screws hold it in place wait a minute when you're the one whogot all hot under the collar just because i pocketed something I'm lookingfor a way to open the store you intended

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