Sleepless Themes

By | March 25, 2017


Art or the language of the visual artsis a language of its own. Some people do notunderstand it immediately, but still feelextremely attracted to it, and so it eventuallybecomes part of their lives. Vienna and Austria, like manyother cities and countries rich in history, deal withcontemporary art in a highly differentiated way. It would make me very happyif Vienna could become both

a place of exchange anda place where to present exhibitions and projects thathave never been shown here before, so as to encourage new discussions. Moreover, I think it isextremely important to support projects of an international scale. Asking my colleagueswhy they consider it a privilege to combine a passion ora deep interest with their profession is like asking a whyhe wanted to become a .

However, there is one projectI feel particularly attached to, probably because itwas the starting point for my idea of this exhibition. It is the work BLACK BED bythe British artist RACHEL WHITEREAD, who created a cast of the spacebetween the bed and the floor below. This summer, we aregoing to introduce the work of the Argentinian artist TomásSaraceno, who lives in Berlin. I am very muchlooking forward to it,

for this will be hisfirst exhibition in Vienna.


♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ (Finebros) Today, we're gonna seehow familiar you are with romance movies from the '90s. (deep gasp) Okay. Is The Notebook from the '90sé All I can think of right now is Grease, although I don't even know if that came out in the '90s. The '90s is just, like, a void in my head.

I don't think I'vewatched any romance movies from the '90s, like, ever. (Finebros) We'll be showing you some iconic love film moments to see if you can name the film they're from. Okay. (chuckles) I feel like I'll do pretty, pretty good, if it's the classics and the most iconic moments. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪

(man) Can I helpé (woman) Yeah. Okay, Dirty Dancing. (woman) Get them wet. Wait, no! Oh my god! Ghost. (woman) Get them wet. (giggling) Ew! This is weird. This is sensual.

Is that David Hasselhoffé This is weird.This is weirding me out. They're making some pottery. ♪ (soulful romantic music) ♪ Oh, this is Ghost. Oh, um. what's it calledé Ghost. ♪ Lonely rivers sigh ♪ Do people st do people do this, like, for datesé

♪ Wait for me ♪ Dang, that is erotic. Jesus. Oh, they're holding hands. That's disgusting, actually. Is that guy in Road Houseé I feel like that guy's in Road House. (Finebros) Do you know ité Nope. I don't. No idea.

Was it Ghosté Ghost! That one was Ghost. (Finebros) This is a scene from the movie Ghost. Never heard of it. I have never even heard of that. Ghosté! There were no ghosts involved!

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