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By | March 23, 2017

Masturbation A Spiritual Perspective on Masturbating Teal Swan

*Music by Lisa Thiel Kuan Yin's Mantra Hello there. Masturbation is the act of touching yourselfor otherwise stimulating yourself, so as to create sexual arousal. Seems harmless enough. However, masturbation is become a taboo subject. Mastubation is completely natural when we're incarnated in the physical body. Why is thaté

Because it's natural for anything that's physically manifested, to naturally flow in the direction of something that creates pleasure. We're drawn towards those things. That's why children naturally begin to masturbate when they're young. However, most of us who are alive today and have reached adulthood, have been raised with this kind off idea that there's something wrong, immoral, bad, embarassing or even downright evil about masturbation.

In fact many spiritual teachers who don't even align with a particular religion, seem to think that masturbation is detrimental. So which is ité Is masturbation good, or is masturbation badé What I'm gonna say is, like any tool, it can be either, depending on the conscious intentions of the user of that tool. First let's visit the positive side of masturbation, shall we. 1. Obviously, it builds energy.

Anyone who has masturbated, will tell you that. The sexual response cycle is divided into four phases. Excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. Orgasm, also called sexual climax, is the sudden release of the accumulated sexual energy that has been built in response to stimulation. So it's relatively easy to see how sexual stimulation, as a builder of energy, could be a useful tool to use. In fact, I did an entire tutorial about using orgasms to manifest.

I strongly encourage you to watch that tutorial, titled: quot;How to use an orgasm to manifest.quot; 2. Obviously if a person can beginto build sexual energy, and knowing that sexual energy is no different than life force energy, then it's obvious that that energy is now readily available to channel in to whatever outlet you would wish to channel it towards. This is the aspect of masturbation or sexual arousal,or sexual energy in general, that most spiritual people and spiritual teachers, are concerned with. But they aren't the only ones to have discovered it.

A great technique, is to sexually stimulate yourself, as to build that energy and to reach that point in the sexual cycle, that is called plateau, but to not allow yourself to fully orgasm, instead to channel all of that energy, once you have breathed it into the totality of your body, towards whatever pursuit you wish to aim your focus at, at this time. This technique is a favorite among athletes,

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