Treatment For Sleeping Paralysis

By | March 31, 2017

Home Remedies For Sleep Paralysis II II

Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer Mr. Ramesh Kumar He has written that he has problem of sleep paralysis asking a home remedy for this. see, first of all this has to know that what is Sleep Paralysisgt; Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which a person, either falling asleep or awakening Means neither the person is proper sleepy nor awaken. mentally he is awaken but physically, bodily he is sleeping. Due to this body overpower the control of mind

Means you want to get up and do movement but physically you are unable And you become like a paralytic patient in this situation Some time breathing problem person can't even speak But if you will take care of something then you can relived from sleep paralysis First of all its necessary for you to know that this sleep paralysis happens when you sleep by putting back on your bed. Then only you will get attack of sleep paralysis but if you will sleep in turn. then then problem is sleep paralysis will be disappear.

But now the problem is is if you are sleeping in turn what if you started sleeping straight while nap and again you got attack of sleep paralysis then what will you do é While sleeping you don't know that you are sleeping on your back support. But is has a solution to this, night dress which you wear while sleeping Knot any spoon or stick any pen with the sallow tape Or any small ball or something which poke you but not hurt you Anything which disturb you so either stick or sew on your night wear So by when you are sleeping in turn when you will sleep on your back support while sleeping

Then these things like spoon will poke you And even the ball will make you uncomfortable will have a break up of nap And you will get relief in sleep paralysis from its roots During sleep paralysis one more thing to be careful for those who sleeps on back support by putting their hands on their chest If they got sleep paralysis attack Then they will feel like that someone is trying to pushing their neck They won't be able to breath I often notice that during sleep paralysis people having feeling they assume that some ghost is around them

Who is not letting them to awake, although the person is mentally awake can see everything But physically they are unable to act, they want to get up sit But since mind has no control over body, so the person is not able to get up When you are aware of that you got sleep paralysis attack you are unable to awake Then you please try to make some move in the last finger of your hand Because it take a little effort to move on , so make the little move of this Or try to move your tongue Or try to move your eyes, take lightlights movements with this

you will be able to wake up from your nap easily Along with this do one more thing, to get rid of sleep paralysis You have to make up your mind strong means mentally you have to be strong And pranayam , meditation is the best way out to make your mental level strong Moment you wake up in the morning do pranayam, And in pranayam , specifically you must do Anulomvilom for 15 minutes And you must do Anulom Vilom pranayam before 1 hour to sleep for 1015 minutes And you will notice that you will get rid of sleep paralysis problem

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