Does Sleep Help When Sick

By | March 27, 2017

7 Steps to FEELING BETTER When Youre SICK

Well, I feel like a bagof crushed dicks. (sigh) What better time to make a tutorialé So, I'm sick this week.I don't feel very good. I'm all stuffed up, my throat hurts, and on top of that, I'm pooping purple. Which has nothing to do with being sick, I just drank a lot of KoolAid earlier. It's freaking delicious.

Anyways, this happens to me every year when the seasons change. My body just can't handlethe switch from hot to cold. So, I went on Wikihow tosee how to get better, and they list seven stepsof how to get better except they use a lot of words and ain't nobody got time for reading. Especially when you look and feel

like a bag of smashed (bleep)holes. So I thought I'd saveyou guys a lot of time of having to read by justshowing you how to get better. So, here are seven steps tofeeling better when you're sick. Enjoy. Step one: Keep yourself warm. When you're sick, youget colder than normal, so wear a sweatshirt or comfy pajamas.

If you're really cold,throw a blanket on, too. And if you're really, reallycold, just throw everything on. Nobody's gonna judge you. You're sick. Step two: Eat and drink hot foods. It's really important to consume hot food and drinks when you're sick. Keeping your energy up is important and staying hydrated will flush out

your system and make you feel better. If you can't do hot drinks, just take a lot of Vitamin C andstick with cold water. All that should work. Step three: Be lazy. Avoiding doing anything thatrequires a lot of energy. Stay at home and don't evenbother trying to go outside. Watch some movies or TV shows,

spend some time on YouTube,Twitter, or Facebook. Just stay in bed or on thecouch while doing this. Just make sure whateveryou're doing isn't stressful, 'cause that could just make you sicker. Whaté! How is that only two starsé! God Oh, I don't feel so good. (retching) Step number four: Take naps.

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