Help Sleeping After Breakup

By | March 28, 2017

Real Things You Do After A Breakup

(soft melancholy music) (sad guitar music) (music hardens) (robust rock instrumental) (dramatic rock music) (woeful instrumental music) (soaring music) (robust instrumental music)

(hopeful instrumental music) (light, airy music) (enthusiastic instrumental music) (resolute rock music) (energetic rock music) (lively steel drum music) (happy steel drum music) (highspirited instrumental music)

(hopeful guitar music) (cheerful guitar music) (cheerful guitar music).

Things You Do After A Breakup

That's great. (cheerful, upbeat music) I just hate that I have to move. Yeah, that sucks. Allie, please don'tlook at me like that. It's been a while, I'm good, I promise. Okay, is this betteré No.

No. Nope. Is that, is this helpingé Bad, these are all terrible. Okay, that's good. Okay. (laughs) But I do think Eric islooking for a roommate for real. Reallyé Mhm.

Maybe I'll ask him. Look at it this way. Now you can have sexwith whoever you want, guiltfree. There's Tom downstairs. His wife left him. Um, Frank in accounting. What about the guy who comes

and fixed the elevatoronce acting all wonkyé Uhh, Henryé Henryé No, I can't. Joe's middle name was Henryand he loved elevators. (cries) Hi, dinner for one tonighté Yep! Yeah mom, I'm okay.

Yeah dad, I'm okay. Yes great uncle Leonardo, I'm good. Maybe I'll cut my hair. Maybe I'll get a dog. Maybe I'll eat, pray, love for a while. I will have a cup of whiskey to start. Like a shot of whiskeyé No, like a cup.

(cries) Stop, you're 86 weeks deep. Stop looking at his pictures. I'm gonna die alone. All right. Hey! You came! Hi, oh hey guys! Hi, what are you doingé

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