Insomnia Cause Headaches

By | November 23, 2017

Easily Reduce Stress Insomnia Headaches and Meditate Easy Tutorial

A lot of you have asked me about meditationand you say Kiki, it's so hard to meditate. And I know. It is so hard to meditate. Forcenturies, meditators have actually used different fragrances and aromas and essential oils wetherin the oil form or in forms of incense to help them with meditation. And a very popularessential oil for meditation, insomnia, for calming our mind and actually thought to alignour chakras or energy centers is lavender essential oil. I've said this about essentialoils before, they embody the essence of the plant. They are very powerful and consequentlythey're often quite expensive. You want to have a reliable and ethically sourced essentialoil. And if you go to my store at kiki flynn

dot com slash store, I have a very nice lineof essential oils and you can go thought the website and find a god quality lavender oil.I'm going to say this is too easy. Im using organic olive oil which has a nice qualitywith the lavender because the lavender is woodsy and earthy. This lavender oil is alsogreat for headaches, it's also a pain balm. It also works on the nervous system it we'relow it can give us a little boost, and if we're high, it can help relax us. I just havethis little half ounce jar because we can carry this with us all the day long and wecan just start sniffing on the lavender oil. It's great when you're tense, or you're waitingsomewhere or you're stuck in a subway or in

traffic. Just be happy. This is a little halfounce jar and get that in there. And for this half ounce I'm going to use 20 drops of essentiallavender oil. Ok too easy, right. And we'll give this a little shake. And then if youhave a headache, is you have a stomach ache, if you're tense, you're nervous, you're stressedout, you want to sit for some meditation you can just take a drop or two on your wrists,to your throat, to your temples and to the tip of your nose. And it will relax you rightaway. Then you're in your own lavender forest. And you're ready for meditation. As you startyour meditation practices, I want you to understand, even if you just add one minute of meditationto your day that's meditation in your day

that you weren't doing before. Set your timeron your phone for three minutes of meditation. Take these little mini meditation breaks whereyou simply watch your breath. I have some breathing tutorials that you can watch by clickinghere or you can see the links below. Leave any comments below about this, let me knowhow you like this, mix it up. And you can come tell me about it on Facebook at KikiSays or on Google Plus at Kiki Says. Stop by my website, read some blogs, sign up forthe Kiki Weekly Newsletter at Kiki Flynn dot com. Thank you so much for watching. I'm soglad you're here. And i want you to lead a happy healthy inspired life.

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