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By | October 30, 2018

4 Herbs to Help You Fall Asleep

Hi, This is K.C. from Mother Earth News andone of the questions that we often get years a recommendation for natural sleepaids and happily there are a number ofherbs that are very useful plants have been giving human beings agood night's sleep for millennia so there are lots of plant alternativesthat are much healthier and much better for you than that some otherpharmaceutical drugs that can have really weird side effects so

one of the very best and one of theones that people know the best is Chamomile or Chamomile and it's adelicious lovely smelling flower that you can make tea out of and it's avery very mild sedative so it just kinda helps youunwind and relax with all of the herbal medicines the chemistry of the plant with your ownbody's chemistry is sorta different for all you know different people so you have toreally be patient and maybe if one

doesn't work as well for you another one will the one that is mypersonal favorite and that I use a lot is hops it is the one of the ingredients inbeer but just having a beer and thengoing to bed won't necessarily give you a really good night sleep youmight drowse and go to sleep but then you wake up laterbecause of the effects of the alcohol so what's really better is to makea tea

with maybe three or four of the driedflowers of the hops plant and it tastes a little bitter but that doesn't bother me I kinda likethe bitter taste you just put three dried flowers in a cup of boiling water and steep it until itstarts getting kinda bitter and then scoop the flowers out and just drink thetea and it really really will give you a nice deeprest another one is Valerian.

Valerian has been in use forever for a very mild sedative and a really good calming sleep and thenalso California Poppy which is in thesame a family as the opium poppy but it is not any kind of an addictive drug it just has mildsedative affect and it's not going to have anykind of a dependency associated with it

and again just make a cuppa tea and steep it and give yourself a goodnight's rest. So sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite and if theydo you can find out information about bed bugs to on Mother Earth News dot com.

Holiday Spa Herbal Remedies and Gifts How to Make Hops Pillows as Sleep Aid

Hi, Nili Nathan here, with another holistictip for you, which will keep you and your family healthy. You know, many people complainabout sleeping problems. Either, they have problems falling asleep, or staying asleep.Well, I have a very good natural remedy for you to try at home. This is something thatis very simple and easy to make. It is called a Hops Pillow. First, you'll need to get amuslin bag. I will use three types of herbs in this remedy. They are hops, chamomile flowersand, my favorite, lavender flowers. Hops have a very profound sedative effect. Just sniffingthe hops will induce sleep. Now, I use a little bit more of the hops, than the other two herbs.Starting with the hops, place the herbs into

the muslin bag. These are dried herbs thatyou can find in your health food store. Also, you may be able to find them online. If yousearch online, you may be able to find an herbal store. Next add the chamomile flowers.Most of you are familiar with chamomile for tea. It has a very relaxing, soothing effecton your nerves. Finally, add the lavender flowers. Secure the pillow by pulling thedrawstrings tightly together and tie them. Now, there you have it, your Hops Pillow.This makes an excellent holiday stocking stuffer, as well. You can make it look festive, bytaking a beautiful gold ribbon and tying it around the neck of the pillow. Next make anice little bow and then you'll have a great

holistic holiday stocking stuffer. Now, letme demonstrate what you'll do with your Hops Pillow. You, simply just want to, lay it down,underneath your regular sleeping pillow. All of the aroma from those nice comforting herbswill help you to dose right off.

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