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By | March 26, 2017

The 40 Year Old Virgin 48 Movie CLIP Dateapalooza 2005 HD

Hey, Andy, what are you doingfor lunché l don't know.l have a turkey sandwich. We're gonna go aroundthe corner. l think you shouldcome with us. There's this great place.A lot of cute girls. l don't know. Okay. We brought you a shirt. This place is pretty fancy. Something going oné

Hey, who's readyto have some funé people cheering Hey, guys. No, don't ignore me.l know what this is. Wíthín one hour,you'll each have 20 dates. Don't.Please don't do this.l saw this on Prímetíme Líye. All right, ninja master. We've given you all the advicewe have to give.

Now you gonna put itin action. Adviceé You guys allgave me different advice. He thinks you're a pothead.l am. Dude. Hey, partner.What are you whining abouté You asked for this shit.No, l didn't. Will you iust quit whininglike a bitché l'm not whining like a bitch.You are whining like a bitch. And you about to cramlike 10 years of pimpageinto one day.

l don't want to cram pimpage.And after that. you on my level. Come on. (Cal)Just ask questions.This is a bad idea. buzzing people chattering (woman)Hi.Hi. How are youé l'm fine. Are you fineé

Yeah. You're fine thené Are you fucking retardedéWhat the hell'sthe matter with youé Do you want me to befucking retardedé buzzer sounding When l look intothe eyes of the childrenand the parents. and they are smilingand saying: ''Thank you, Montalban,you saved my child''.

it was worth it. buzzer sounding Amy. what are you doing hereéDavid. And you are GinaéGina. Hey, what's upéNothing. Look, l'm going to bereal honest with you. lt's been a long timesince l've been with a man.

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