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By | December 12, 2017

Mattress Sacramento Mattress Store Sacramento CA

this is the Mattress Warehouse clearance outlet near Sacramento California. What we do here is different than other stores. We buy mainly factory closeouts, specials, overstocks, special buys, discontinued models and things like that, so things change all the time. we get different stock in every week here in our mattress sacramento. A lot of the beds we sell right off the floor because they are one of a kind0:00:18.069,0:00:22.489 some are mismatched Just about any price range you're looking for, we have about the best value for the money two hundred dollars or spend two thousand dollars we've got tremendous values in any price range. I mean we can do special size mattresses if you need them, we carry twin extra long,

we do eastern king mattresses if you don't want California King. We are know as known as the bean bag headquarters for sacramento California. Nobody even has this many bean bags anymore. I've been in this business for over thirty years now. A lot of the deliveries I go on too. I bring the mattresses out to peoples houses because I want to make sure they're totally satisfied. 0:01:03.380,0:01:07.360 People are happy with their beds, they feel like they got a good value. We have real good customer service. If there is a problem with anything, we handle that right away. We're a small familyowned local business and we live right in the area right around here.0:01:16.450,0:01:20.760 We don't really have any high paid commissioned employees or drivers. All our workers are family members that work here. I'm the main one here most of the time. Come and visit us for your mattress in Sacramento

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