Need Help Sleeping Through The Night

By | March 28, 2017

How to help your baby sleep through the night

MUSIC PLAYING There were only a handful of the thingsthat would wake my babies up at night, but it took me awhile tolearn what they all were. Once I knew what the challenges were,it was easier to avoid them and to keep us sleeping through the night. My told me that sleep was veryimportant to the development of my baby's brain and her little body. So I wanted to help her getas much sleep as I could.

All my children were different, buthere were their top five sleep interruptions and whatwe did about them. We wanted to eliminate all the sleepdisruptors that we could. One that I learned very earlyon is the leaky nappy. Leaks mean a wet baby, and when mylittle one was wet, she would wake up. So I found a highquality nappyto help keep her dry at night. And it was soft, and comfortable.

This helped us tackle one of themore common sleep disruptors. And a good night of sleep meanta good morning for both of us. For those first few months, allof my babies ate every few hours around the clock. I learned pretty quickly that I didn'twant them to need to eat to go back to sleep, so I would keep themawake while they ate. Sometimes by talking or singing quietlyto them, or I would change

their nappy halfway through feedingto help them stay awake. Putting them in the bed before they wereasleep was the key to teaching them how to put themselvesback to sleep. My babies all seemed to have a windowof time for putting them down. And if I missed it, then they got overtired and I'd have a hard time getting them down at all. It took me a while, because they wereall different, but eventually I

learned all their sleepy signals things like rubbing their eyes,fussiness, or laying their head down. When I saw any of these, I'd getthem to bed as soon as I could. Loud noises were often a problem,especially for child two and three. But we also found that silencewas a problem as well. So as much as possible, we tried tohave some kind of background noise when they went to bed.

Often some lullaby music. All of our babies woke up at night,but we wanted them to learn to put themselves back to sleep. So we tried our best not to run inthere every time they whimpered, because our noise and energy would oftenbe the thing that woke them up. Have you ever been visiting someone,or was staying in a hotel, and when you wake up, it takes a minute foryou to figure out where you areƩ That's what it's like for babies, exceptthey will need to see your face

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