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By | November 13, 2016

Magnesium A Natural Way To Treat Constipation Insomnia and Muscle Tension

Magnesium is essential to life, period. Itjust is. It's one of the most prevalent minerals in the body. It's involved in over300 metabolic pathways in the body. You're never going to get adequate magnesium in amultivitamin. Magnesium is found in dark, leafy greens. Almonds are a really good sourceof magnesium. I have my patients supplement with magnesium because so many of the issuesthat I see are magnesiumrelated. Magnesium deficiency can cause leg cramps and migraines.Insomnia from a lack of magnesium is a really common problem. Muscle tension can be causedby lack of magnesium and lots of my patients have muscle tension. They're just workingtoo hard. Magnesium will help with all of

those things. So I really like Natural Calmbrand. This is available everywhere such as Whole Foods and other health food stores.Natural Calm magnesium is so easy because the one thing about magnesium is it's kindof a large molecule, so sometimes to get a good dose of pills, you kind of have to takelike, three or four pills and nobody likes taking… I mean, some people are just pillpeople, and that's totally fine, but most of my patients are like, “No more pills.�It's like, they totally are just, “No more pills.� With Natural Calm magnesiumI have my patients do about a teaspoon in water before bed, and they just kind of worktheir way up in dosage. There are different

flavors. I think the raspberry lemonade tastesbetter. It kind of makes a little fizzy drink, but you could make it as a tea as well. Thisis just magnesium citrate. Some people are a little bit sensitive to magnesium if theytend towards diarrhea; if their stools are looser, magnesium can really accelerate that.On the flip side, if a person has had chronic constipation issues, this is typically theirMecca. And the other thing to say is that magnesium can drop blood pressure, so peoplewho are already really hypotensive, careful with taking too much at once. You really justwant to kind of break up your doses throughout the day, and you can add sea salt to the dietto kind of bring up the blood pressure if

the blood pressure's too low. But I thinkthat magnesium is really wonderful. The only other place to really caution with magnesiumis if people have kidney damage. It's actually really helpful for kidney stones, but if peoplehave kidney damage, like they're on dialysis, that is a place where they would need to checkwith their physician, but otherwise, I love magnesium across the board. You had a questionon magnesium. So her comment was that she had heard all of the beneficial health thingsabout magnesium, but she was also told that it really helps just keep the colon clean,and it does. I mean, if you dose up with magnesium the same way as if you dose up with vitaminC, you will really promote a looser stool.

The higher up you go, you will just see adirect effect, so it does help you clean out constantly. So in terms of a gentle detoxon a regular basis, magnesium will keep your bowels moving. Depending on your body typeI recommend taking 400 milligrams to 1,000 milligrams of magnesium per day. Start witha teaspoon of Natural Calm magnesium. Make sure you tolerate that, and then just workyour way up. So basically start with 150 milligrams and just kind of inch your way up and makesure you're tolerating the amount without diarrhea. Most of my patients take 600 milligramseasily in a sitting, but it's better to kind of start slow and work your way up.

Vantaa 1952 Seutulan lentoaseman avajaiset HEL Airport Grand Opening ENGLISH subs

The Olympic year become us both memorable and useful. The Seutula (HEL) Airport had it's grand opening just in time thanks to our prisoners who built it. Seutula was ready for the Olympics altough there were minor improvements done afterwards. There arrived planes from all over the world bringing us some very respectable visitors. The Duke of Kent as one example. Prince Bernhard from Holland flew from the Land of tulips and windmills to here with the little princesses. The guests arrivede fast and safe to the 15th Olympics by air carried by steel wings. Even the gallant coursers enjoyed the trip, at least so we were informed.

quot;The China boysquot; would have had a long trip here without the new airport. Now they managed to arrive fast to the Nordic brightness from the shadowy and mystery Eastern land. Thanks to the airway, the distances have shortened and the globe has kind of gotten smaller. Just 50 years ago the man was trying to jump to the birdowned element for the first time. And now we can reach any place in the globe in just a few hours. And the ride is comfortable we just sit back and relax while over 1000hp engines do the work for us. The development isn't over yet: now they have invented jet planes. While the turbines pull the sleek plane, we reach even faster speeds.

Every continent is now permanently connected by air travel. Even this quot;Cometquot; plane rolled to Seutula at the time of the Olympics. A big crowd came just to see it. It is sleek and beautiful, but not completely ready. Low fuel economy is just one of the problems to be solved. We heard all kinds of languages at the travel agency at the time of the Olympics. This was a special travel agency office just for the Olympics and was closed a month after the opening. It was still a success since they made one year's profits in just that one month. quot;The Brazil boysquot; liked Helsinki but left soon after the Olympics were over.

Maybe they were confused about the rainfall and blonde blueeyed Finnish girls. And now the girls have to get used to date with Finnish language again. We didn't want to harass the Olympic guests with Customs formalities so we didn't open the suit cases. The core of the aviation is proper maintaining of the planes. The complex planes are kept in mint condition by the careful Nordic staff. That's why only a fraction of the aviation disasters have happened in the Nordic countries. We let the planes take off only after a proper maintaining procedures. And here comes the Express air mail.

The airport staff keeps an eye on the luggage so the passengers can keep their focus in saying goodbyes. Airway is getting more and more popular every year. We are seeking over 200 000 international air passengers per year only here in Finland. The air safety gets better and better even while there are more and more flights every day. The development of radio and communication industry has helped the air safety a lot. Air traffic control and the radio beacons on the airway guide exactly the plane's route and altitude. That eliminates the possibility of two planes crashing each other in the air. Modern technology has made frequent takeoffs and landings possible.

The steel wings carry us even faster and even further not forgetting the increased safety. The modern person uses always the airplane for longdistance travel.

Did you hear the one about the IranianAmerican Maz Jobrani

I was one of the founding members of the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour. The other founding members included Ahmed Ahmed, who is an EgyptianAmerican, who actually had the idea to go to the Middle East and try it out. Before we went out as a tour, he went out solo and did it first. Then there was Aron Kader, who was the PalestinianAmerican.

And then there was me, the IranianAmerican of the group. Now, being IranianAmerican presents its own set of problems, as you know. Those two countries aren't getting along these days. So it causes a lot of inner conflict, you know, like part of me likes me, part of me hates me. Part of me thinks I should have a nuclear program, the other part thinks I can't be trusted with one.

These are dilemmas I have every day. But I was born in Iran; I'm now an American citizen, which means I have the American passport, which means I can travel. Because if you only have the Iranian passport, you're kind of limited to the countries you can go to with open arms, you know Syria, Venezuela, North Korea.

(Laughter) So anyone who's gotten their passport in America will tell you, when you get your passport, it still says what country you were born in. So I remember getting my American passport. I was like, quot;Woohoo! I'm going to travel.quot; And I opened it up, it said, quot;Born in Iran.quot; I'm like, quot;Oh, come on, man.quot; (Laughter)

quot;I'm trying to go places.quot; But what's interesting is, I've never had trouble traveling in any other Western countries with my American passport, even though it says, quot;Born in Iran.quot; No problems. Where I've had some problems is some of the Arab countries, because I guess some of the Arab countries aren't getting along with Iran either. And so I was in Kuwait recently, doing a comedy show with some other American comedians.

They all went through, and then the border patrol saw my American passport. quot;Ah ha! American, great.quot; Then he opened it up. quot;Born in Irané Wait.quot; (Laughter) And he started asking me questions. He said, quot;What is your father's nameéquot; I said, quot;Well, he's passed away, but his name was Khosro.quot; He goes, quot;What is your grandfather's nameéquot;

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