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By | July 21, 2018

Osa Peninsula Costa Rica by Frog TV

Welcome to Frog TV I'm Adam baker. This week I'm introducing one of the most BioIntense places on earth, as stated byNational Geographic. It is Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula. Here you'll find a world of wildlife,nature and ecolodges that are truly magical and all of them just minutes away from theCorcovado National Park. This really is Costa Rica! Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula is found in theSouth East of the country.

It's best reached via a short 45 minute domestic flight from San Jose, into one of three local airports found in the area. Puerto Jimenez is the main town in the Osa Peninsula and has a population of just 2,000inhabitants. This area used to be famous for it's gold mining back in the 1960's, but has since become 'the most biologically intense place on Earth'. Here you can find at leasthalf of all species living in Costa Rica, making this region a must for wildlife enthusiasts.

This area of rare lowland rainforest enjoys a tropical climate all year round, and receives plenty of rainfall from August to September. In October 1975, The Corcovado National Park was established, is now widely considered the crown jewel in the extensive system of national parks and biological reserves. The Park covers a third of the Osa Peninsula, and is home to a vast array of wildlife. Including: the popular two and threetoed sloth, many colourful toucans,

exotic species of dart frog all four species of monkeys found inCosta Rica, the puma and jaguar, as well as coatis, ocelots, otters and crocs.To name but a few. To match the wildlife there is a great manytours to choose from, most of which can be organised from the hotels and lodges in thearea. You can select from nature hikes to whale watching, snorkeling trips to scubadiving out at the Caño Island reserve.

In these protected waters you can expect tosee some amazing marine life from humpback whales, turtles, dolphins and much, much more. The accommodation in the area encompsses natureretreats to true luxury, ecoresorts. The remote nature of the region makes for someof the most unique lodging in all of Costa Rica run by owners who live and breathe sustainabletourism. The Aguila de Osa Inn is found just outsidethe town of Drake Bay to the west of the National Park. All your meals are included in thisfamily friendly ecolodge as well as somegreat day tours that leave straight from thehotel.

Here you will find the best dive shop in thearea. Copa de Arbol is a relatively new luxury,boutique hotel that opened in 2012. This romantic, jungle treehouse hotel offers great oceanviews. All your meals are freshly prepared and included in your stay. Spacious, airconditioned cabins are great for families or couples, looking to get a true off the beaten path experience. If you're looking for a true nature experiencethen the Lapa Rios Ecolodge is widely considered to be the best ecolodge in Costa Rica. Hereyou'll enjoy freshly prepared meals included

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