Sleep Apnea Radiofrequency Treatment

By | March 31, 2017

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My name is marc Kayem, Beverly hills ENT in California, and i subspecialize in treatment for snoring. Snoring is a very common problem that leadsto a lot of social issues. and i know what is like. patients come to see me, they saythat they have to sleep in a separate room, they have to sleep on the coach. the snoringis a big strain on their relationship . and the good news is .you can fix it. there isdifferent steps that may be necessary, in some cases it may be results after one simpletreatment. sometimes it may takes two or three treatments. the good news is that is all officebased treatments in Beverly Hills that have almost no downtime,

they are simple, they are quick and they work.I have been a physician for almost thirty years and i subspecialize in how to stop snoring forat least 15 years and i can tell you that i definitely understand the issues that areat stake, relationships are at Stake. When people have to sleep in separate bedroomsit's a strain on their relationship. And the benefit that they get once this is resolve,the smile on the face of the patients when they see the benefit that they achieve andbeen able to sleep with their love one again, it's a beautiful, very rewarding Experience as an ENT.the question that i am asked most often  quot;how to stop snoringquot; and the good news is . itcan be done this is our specialty.

We would love to welcome you here in our Beverlyhills office. call us at the number on your screen ‪310 777 7879‬ and make sureto mention this tutorial for a special offer. se you soon!.

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Are you tired, stressed out and moody becauseof interrupted sleepé Sleep apnea, a condition in which breathing stops for periods of 10 seconds or longer, can interruptthe deep sleep that makes you feel rested.

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