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By | March 23, 2017

Snoreless Pillow Reviews The Best AntiSnoring Pillow Stop Snoring Now

Hey everyone, I just wanted to take a minute to talk about the Snoreless Pillow. Yes. I do snore at night, my husband was telling me it was becoming annoying so I looked into mouth pieces, pills and even surgery, but then I tried Snoreless Pillow and it actually made me stop snoring, and I have way better sleep too. I doubted it at first

but I read so many good reviews on this and I'm glad I went ahead and bought it. I don't have to worry about snoring anymore. It takes probably 23 nights to get used to it, after that it fits perfectly with your head. the link below, that's the same snoreless pillow I bought and it arrived super fast. So check it out.

Aspen Ridge Sleep Solutions Sleep Apnea Colorado Springs Brent

Every Sunday my wife would lay clipping onthe counter of an advertisement of a sleep device to stop snoring. After about the sixthtime, I went ahead and made the call. Maybe my wife made the call. But I made the appointmentanyway. That's what brought me in to see Aspen Ridge Sleep Solutions in Colorado Springs.The point was to have a really good night sleep and to have a healthy relationship.Snoring impacted the ability to sleep in the same bed as my wife. I didn't notice my sleep apnea and snoring.Maybe, I felt some sleep deprivation. I got use to sleep apnea. For my wife it was a choiceof either coming in or having a pillow put

over my face. It was a good decision to comein and visit with Waite. I was really surprised. I struggled for thefirst week or two. At first the oral appliance felt very tight and uncomfortable. I had afollow up, where the device was adjusted. From that point forward, I had no issues whatso ever with sleep apnea. At times I realize I don't have my appliance when in bed. Ialways makes sure i get up and get it. Now it's routine at this point. The first night wearing the device I was wokenup by my wife, hitting my arm. I thought what's wrong was I snoringé She said, you're soquite I wanted to makes sure you were still

breathing. That's how things have gone sincein Colorado Springs. It has made a big difference and my snoring is gone and it doesn't botherher anymore. Which is important. I've voluntarily mentioned Waite toanyone and everyone. Anyone that has said to me that they have sleep apnea, snoringor getting a good night sleep. This sleep apnea solution is so easy to do. Waitegave me a full exam and sleep test. Would I recommend Waite, absolutely. Would Ianswer questions people might have about the sleep device, yes I would. I really believein the device. It's made a huge difference for me and for my relationship with my wife.

If anyone has concerns, you shouldn't. Waite and staff are very caring. The customer service and follow through and phone callshave been great. I'd rate it very high. Sleep Apnea Colorado Springs, Aspen RidgeSleep Solutions.

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