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By | August 25, 2018

Your Night in the Sleep Laboratory

MUSIC Sleep studies. Your night inthe sleep laboratory. A sleep study, also called a polysomnogram, isan overnight study of your sleep which takes place ina specialized laboratory. It is conducted bya trained technologist, and is designed to detectproblems with your sleep.

The goal of the study is tohave a natural night of sleep that is as uncomplicated andcomfortable as possible. You may wish to bring along yourown pajamas, robe, slippers, and personal hygiene items. Some people like tobring their own pillow. In addition, you might think ofpacking a snack if you are used to having one before bedtime. When you come to the laboratory,a technologist will greet you

and show you the location ofthe bedroom, bathroom, and control room. The technologist will staythrough the night to ensure safety and proper procedures. High quality tracingswill be obtained. There's a TV camera in the roomto monitor your sleep, as well as an intercom to communicatewith the technologist. It is standard practice totutorial tape sleep studies

in case any unusual activityoccurs during testing. When it is time, you will changeinto your night clothes and the sleep study technologistwill hook up many electrodes. This does not cause pain. The electrodes are metal and shaped like a tiny cup abouta quarter inch in diameter. They attach to wireswhich go to amplifier so that electrical signalscan be recorded.

Because the position of theelectrode is quite important, the technologist willmeasure your head and mark it for placement. The scalp will be cleanedthoroughly in order to get a signal. The electrodes will then beattached with either glue or paste. The technologist may scratchthe scalp gently to improve

the electrical connection. All together, about seven electrodes willbe applied to the scalp. Electrodes will also beapplied around the eyes to detect eye movement. Recording eye movements help thetechnologist to determine which stage of sleep you are in. Electrodes are also placed onthe chin in order to monitor

RCMC sleep labmp4

At Russell County Medical Center, we knowthe importance of a good night's sleep. That's why we recently renovated our Center for SleepDisorders to provide the highest quality of sleep lab services for our patients. Duringthe renovation, we redesigned the bathrooms, including new sinks, added wifi access, newTVs, added artwork, chairs and bedside lamps, replaced recliners in patients' rooms, replacedbed linens and coverings, and repainted. We may have made some big changes here, butour great patientcentered care remains the same. We offer overnight sleep studies withpolysomnography and continuous positive airway pressure, or CPap Studies. Polysomnographylooks at your sleep cycle by recording your

brain waves. It also looks at your eye movementand sleep. The electrical activity of the muscles, blood pressure and respiratory rate,oxygen level in the blood and heart rhythms. A CPap study is performed if you show signsof obstructive sleep apnea. It may or may not be done the same night as your polysomnography,depending on the severity of your symptoms. A CPap study monitors your oxygen level andsleep quality. It usually takes about two weeks to get the results of your sleep study.If your primary care ordered the test, the results will be sent to him or her. Your will discuss the results with you, and if necessary, you will be fitted for aCPap machine to use at home. More information

is available at msha sleep or callus at 18006334441 before 5pm on weekdays to make an appointment. A sleep diary andsleep questionnaire are available on our website for you to print. Fill out and bring withyou to your appointment. We look forward to seeing you and hope you resolve your sleepdisorder. The MSHA Difference Bringing Loving Care To Health Care.

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