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By | December 16, 2017

Understanding Dental Sedation Oral Sedation at the Dentist

The next forum we're going to talk about isoral sedation. Oral sedation is basically one step up from the nitrous oxide and thefact that you're ingesting a pill prior to your appointment. It again, addresses anxietyand also a little pain control. And, simply with taking a small pill roughly fortyfiveminutes to an hour before your appointment you can get much more adequate sleepiness.So, that you're comfortable again sitting in the dental chair. This is a little bitdifferent, in the fact that it takes a little while to get into your system and it alsolasts longer. So, unlike the nitrous oxide where within five minutes it's completelyout of your system. This pill will actually

sustain sleepiness and relaxed state for anywherefrom two to six hours. It's because of this, that allows the dentist to be able to achievea great deal of work. That way, it's comfortable for the patient. And, also produces a statewhere a state of amnesia where the patient often times will not remember much that happened.That enables us to get a lot of work done in a small amount of time. It provides thepatient the ability to be comfortable and relaxed for several hours if need be. And,allows us to basically do a lot of dentistry in one small appointment. Again, the oralsedation is a great option for someone who's mild to moderately fearful and they feel thatthe nitrous oxide will not work alone. We

also can sometimes do oral sedation in conjunctionwith the nitrous oxide. That way, we can kind of increase the level of pain control. And,this is often times the most commonly used one by dentists is having you take a pillsuch as like a Valium or a Triazolam or something like Ativan. Which, are all sedatives. Takingthem before the appointment and then coming in and having the laughing gas in additionto the oral medication in order to basically get you into the most controlled state possible.So, that we can do a great deal of dentistry. Some of the contraindications for oral sedation,are if you're one that has a lot of difficulty with snoring or sleep apnea or asthma. Thoseare all contraindications for why you may

not be a candidate for oral sedation. I wouldencourage you, that if this is something you are interested in you need to talk with yourdentist to make sure you have an adequate medical history that is compatible with oralsedation. Having said that, oral sedation is a very great option available. And, iskind of the standard right now in dentistry and that's the one we typically use.

Sedation Dentistry in Castle Rock

Are you someone that has a hard time goingto the dentisté Does the thought of sitting back in that tilted chair with your mouthopen make you anxiousé The gentle, caring professionals at Castle Rock Family Dentaloffer sedation dentistry to help calm nervous patients like you. Here to explain more aboutwhat sedation dentistry entails and who might benefit from this procedure is Scott Brody. Essentially sedation dentistry is a way ofmanaging patients who are a bit anxious about having their dental work done we can givethem a little bit of help. Basically we give them a little valium to take the night before sothat they get a good sleep. Valium is a very

safe medication there's a couple differentvarieties of it and we take advantage of some of the different characteristics of the differenttypes of valium. There's actually a medication that can reverse the effects if for some reasonsomeone's getting a little too sedated we can reverse it quite easily and that makesit a very safe procedure. Then they come first thing in the morning and we administer somemore medication, usually just put a little bit under the tongue so it gets into their systemquite rapidly and after about an hour they're quite relaxed. Sometimes we'll add a bit oflaughing gas to help them get through the start of the appointment. Often times they'rejust kinda snoozing away while we're getting

their dentistry done! We're able to get actuallyquite a bit of dentistry done for them it really works out nicely for them because wecan keep the visits to very few and we can get a lot more done when they're not anxiousin a few hours we do quite a bit more dentistry than we could otherwise. So we're constantlymonitoring their breathing, making sure they're getting adequate oxygen and so that makesus very comfortable knowing that even though they're sleeping they're doing quite well.We're constantly monitoring that and their blood pressure. When we get done, we havesomeone come pick them up, they go home and take a nice nap and don't have much memoryof their appointment which is great! I mean

there are some medical conditions that wehave to perhaps modify the protocol or check with their physician but those are more extrememedical conditions, just about everybody is a good candidate for sedation dentistry. Now you know how effective sedation dentistrycan be at calming you down safely while you're in the dentist's chair. You no longer haveto risk your longterm health by delaying regular dental visits! Give Brody and his friendlyteam at Castle Rock Family Dental a call at 3036882229 or visit their website castlerockfamilydental to schedule your appointment today!.

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