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By | October 3, 2018

How To Treat Insomnia How To Treat Insomnia Naturally

how to treat insomnia naturally without medication.

Adolescent Sleep

gt;gt;WOLFSON: All right, thank you very much,Nancy. I'm so glad to be here. I'm known for having way too much material. That's not mystrength as a teacher. So hopefully, I may bust through a few slides and not cover absolutelyeverything that I can on covering. This is going to be a real sort of mixtureof ideas and thoughts and material for you this morning. I wanted to both give you asense of what's known today, sciencewise, behavioral sciencewise in terms sleep andadolescence, but I also wanted to give you a flavor for some of the things that I dowith my students when I'm teaching, both specifically with regard to adolescence and sleep but morebroadly sleep. I teach undergraduate course

specifically on it's called sleep and behavior,and so I'm sort of going to dabble a little bit in some of the things I do in that courseas well as the science and what I would be doing if I were speaking to you to just sharesome of my research. It's going to be a real mixture. Bear with me because we'll do . sowe're going to go back and forth. I'm also going to get you kind of moving around orin some small groups before we finish up this morning. All that in 90 minutes, we will seehow that works. For starters, what I'd love for you to dois one of the handouts . I'm rather oldfashioned. I just yesterday was in an iPad workshop andyet I'm still kind of paper and pencil and

I hand things out. If you could take the sleepquiz, take just a couple of minutes to fill that out, and this is something you can takeand adapt for your own purposes with your high school students. I've been using thesequestions for years. I won't answer all. We won't go through all of them, but after youdo it, we're going to just go through a couple of them. And the one handout I have not givenyou are the answers, so you can take that on your way out. So if you could just takea couple of minutes to fill that out, the sleep quiz. Pause You should be done by now. So I want to gothrough a couple of them, and this is really

to get you thinking about sleep and circadianrhythms. So let's just take a look at the very first question. Students fall asleepin classes because professors, because teachers are boring. True or false, and what's yourexplanation for your answeré Why is that falseé Yesé Just say your first name just so I . yeah. gt;gt;WORKSHOP PARTICIPANT: Unclear politicssay that professors are boring and that's why students are falling asleep. gt;gt;WOLFSON: All right. But what's the scientificor what's the explanation for why this . gt;gt;WORKSHOP PARTICIPANT: There could be manyother factors involved in why they're falling

asleep. gt;gt;WOLFSON: Okay. Can someone say any specificabout sleep just in terms of your knowledge about sleepé Yeahé gt;gt;WORKSHOP PARTICIPANT: It depends on whattime of day it is. gt;gt;WOLFSON: Well, so it could be time of day,absolutely, but . yeahé gt;gt;WORKSHOP PARTICIPANT: It could be the lackof sleep that's going to just make you . and you're just going to be . gt;gt;WOLFSON: Exactly. I mean, I realize thatwe're talking here about teaching psychology

courses, but we have a biological drive tosleep. We can only stay awake so long and we are going to fall sleep. Now, it's true,time of day, I mean certainly teaching adolescents, those of you who teach in high schools thatstart before 8:30 or so in the morning are going to have the experience of having students,if you teach first or even second period classes, who may be sleepy relating to the time ofday or getting an inadequate amount to sleep the night before. Those of you who have studentssometimes around the lunch period may find that students are sleepy for other reasons.So there is time of day can be a factor. Also, lighting can be a factor. So not youpersonally, not your teaching style necessarily,

Preeclampsia research near and dear to Melissa Moore

i was on dinosaur face painted twenty eight weeksof pregnancy nine was on put on bed rest uh. might platelets kept dropping andthe platelets are dropping as a sign of the most severeform of the disease called help syndrome and so uh. got put in the because theythought they would have to deliver me in about thirty weeks in order to if you have a baby a thirtywe cheat need eleven level three d q and

beth israel has a level threemccue while i was uh. at beth israel and they wereprepping me for delivery our young came into my room and his day was a natural muncy and he came into my room to ask whetherdown after i delivered whether he could have the placenta because he was doingresearch on pre clancy a and i so i asked

and a half uh. uh. who had just met uh. what what was the cause offrequency he started giving me a very uh. simplistic explanation of this and i said wait i'm i'm a scientist and you can give me amuch more detailed explanation

and so he went out and he uh. got his uh. paper that he had just published in two thousand three whichwas showed the cause a preplanned c_f_ was theexpression of a protein called s foot one by the placenta uh. and in the meantime hit alsolooked me up on the internet and he came back into the room

uh. and said well this is amazingbecause the exactly what you work on our dayprocessing is the problem that causes preeclampsia what we decided to do was to try todevelop a a therapeutic that could be applied to women in the developing world that would be inexpensive would be i have a shelf lifewould not need to be refrigerated and for there so we decided to take anarctic silencing approach in our next

silencing is really what you mass medschool is known for because this is what greg mello won the nobel prize fordiscovering uh. and it's just amazing that we you know only now in twothousand thirteen or approaching having sometimes therapeutic this condition that affects hundreds ofthousands of women per year kills almost half million babies per year inthe new building week one of the

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