Sleep Positions To Help Neck Pain

By | May 31, 2017

Best Sleeping Position Ask Jo

lt;sleepy musicgt; Hey everybody, it's Jo. Today I'm gonna talk about getting in a neutral position when you sleep. So let's get started. One question that I'm asked a lot is quot;What kind of pillow do I need when I'm sleeping.quot; Well pillows are kind of like the bed, it just depends on if you like firmeror if you like softer, but what is important is to keep your body in a neutral position.Some people like to sleep with 2 pillows, but what that does is it ends up putting yourneck in a position this way or to far up. You really want it to be nice and neutralalmost in a straight line. All the way from your neck down to your hips. This pillow here,The Womfy, is really nice, it was sent to

us to try out. But what I like about it isit has ear holes here for side sleepers. And what that does is, if you;re a side sleeperlike me, you know that sometimes when you sleep on your side, you wake up and your ear'shurting cause it's all squnched up. This allows you to put your ear in this hole, and it givesyou a smoother sleep while you're sleeping. It also claims to prevent wrinkles, or helpprevent wrinkles, I don't know about that, but what I do know is that it's really comfortablewhen I slept, and when I woke up my ear didn't hurt, I felt pretty good because it's thatmemory foam so it's very comfortable as well. It also has a little riser on the inside thatyou can take out and put in. I liked having

it in it helped me get in a more neutral positionbecause my shoulders are a little bit broader. So you just have to try it out to see if youneed it or not. But it's nice because you can take it in and take it out. So if you'rea side sleeper like me, what you also need to be concerned about is having your hipsin a neutral position. So when you go down on your side, again, you want your neck tobe in this neutral position. If you have 2 pillows, what ends up happening is my head'sin this position. It puts a lot of stress on these muscles here, and then not a lotof stress on these muscles. So you end up having a little bit of a muscle imbalance.So once you lie down, you want to have that

neck in a pretty neutral position. And thisgives me a really nice neutral position. Then it comes down to your hips. Now probably mostlyfor women, you got a little bit bigger hips like me, so to keep your hips from hurting,you want to get those in a neutral position a well. So having a pillow in between yourlegs, especially if you're hurting in your hips, really helps kind of get that in a neutralposition as well. So then you end up being in that straight line. But if you lie on yourback. You don't necessarily need a pillow between your legs, but you still want to havethat neutral position of your neck. Again, you don't want two pillows because then you'regonna end up like this. And again it puts

a lot of stress on those muscles in the backand it ends up causing weakness and pain and other not fun things. So there you have it.That's how to sleep in a neutral position. If you have any questions, leave them in thecomments section. If you'd like to try out The Womfy, you can buy it at out product storeat AskJo products So remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel bettersoon.

The Best Neck Pain Relief Pillow on KCAL9 News

well it is a pillow designed to help you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply PILLO1 was engineered as a proactive and preventative solution to neck pain, back pain, and sleepless nights pains and sleepless night and joining uslive here in the studio is the visionary man behind below one chiropractor and sleepexpert raymond hall also none as the hello we wanna take you forjoining us this morning and warnings pleasure being here that's a great name by the way for itso purple douglas talk about this you've

got the pill a day are uh. first and foremost sleeping sleepinghabits and patterns dot that's about the best ways to to get through the nightgreat well yes leaders that tremendous part of whole unit has won the starter i talk to patients about this everydayof that you need to find your normal circadian rhythm that you need to find atime when you can go to sleep you can wake up toucan openid race in themorning you can i'd turn off the

melatonin and uh. didn't try to getquality sleep because it's critical in in regards to health api relief whoobviously had a lot of other health factors and listen to the best tips interms of what eat entering and what not to eatand drink before you go to sleep in how scene before you print that was agreat questions of them the main types of things thatyou want to eat before you go to sleep is things that's it

tend to call me down are things thatmight help to produce interdependent therefore serotonin which is a neuralchemical to help you relax are things that are helpful c_d_t_ perjury beforeyou go sleep are like alan realty ice on the lowfat who uh. low sugar contentyogurts on some milk something that's are often very good'cause the protein uh. is very important to stabilizer blood sugars andwhite before you go to sleep you really don't want to increase your sugar reallyhigh have your insulin response really strong

and then decrease your fat burning atnight so that's really important it is art riot way carried out the milk and cookies rightbecause one of the worst kind of miss numbers that we should behis cookies have high century fat transfatty acids and sugar content so why would you want to do that rightfor grossly writing and pillow one talk to us about this pillow and what makesit so special

interesting well phil one oh fivedesigned it from your two thousand pound two thousand four in a design it so people could getbetter sleep and wake up with less pain becausenothing about four to five patience they came in with neck pain um. came intomy office with pain that was you drive during the night or soon as they woke up they found that their necks whispererword release transient lunch area and we're going to rent sleep which noone actually increases the round sleep

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