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By | March 28, 2017

Natural Cures for Insomnia

Hey guys, Axe here from DrAxe . Oneof the most common things I'll hear from my patients, is they'll say, quot; Axe, I can'tsleep.quot; And if you're one of those people that have trouble falling asleep, or strugglewith insomnia, or you wake up during the night, that's very common. In this tutorial I'm goingto go through the exact steps you need to follow to get better quality of sleep andto help you fall asleep fast. Step number one in overcoming sleep deprivationis to change your diet, surprisingly. And, for a lot of people, their diets are keepingthem from falling asleep. Before you go to bed, you need to really drop your carbohydrateconsumption. If you're consuming too many

sugars and carbs, your body is burning those,it's getting warm. And so, lowering that sugar, and grain intake, and carbohydrate intakebefore bed is important. And get some good quality fats before you go to bed. Somethinglike an avocado is a great food to actually help you fall asleep at night, either avocadoor some organic yogurt. So again, avocado and organic yogurt, are the best foods tohelp you naturally fall asleep. The reason they work is those foods are high in magnesiumand potassium. Magnesium and potassium are two crucial nutrients you need to help relaxthe body and to help you fall asleep at night. So remember avocado and yogurt, the top twofoods you can consume just a little bit here

or there in the evening that will help youfall asleep at night. The second step you need to do to overcomeinsomnia is to reduce stress. And for most people, along with diet, this is the big thingthat's keeping you up at night, is your mind starts racing, you keep thinking and you can'tshut your brain off. And there are several reasons for that. One, is you watched TV upuntil the point that you went to bed. That visual stimulus you're watching constantly,especially the blue light, and that doesn't just include the TV screen, it also includesyour computer, your iPad, or your phone. And that light is blue light, which actually tellsyour pineal gland in your brain that it actually

needs to keep running, so it messes with yourcircadian rhythms and cortisol levels. It keeps you from falling asleep at night whenyou were looking at that bright blue light in the computer screens and TV screens. So,about 30 minutes at least, ideally, an hour, but at least 30 minutes before bed, you needto shut off all electronics, and you need to start reading something that helps yourelax. Or start journaling. So you can get out ajournal and start writing things down. You can look at your schedule for the next dayand write that down. But I really recommend reading a novel that you enjoy, reading adevotional, your Bible, or just something

that helps you relax and wind down at least30 minutes before bed. And that's going to help, and in general reducing stress. And if you have something that's really stressingyou out, that's keeping you from sleeping at night, I recommend you start writing downthose things that stress you out. Work on addressing those the best you can, and thenstart scheduling things into the week that you love to do. It is so important. If you'vehad a great day, and you've been happy all day, it actually creates certain hormonesin your body known as endorphins that actually help you fall asleep at night. So actually,having a good mood throughout the day can

help improve your sleep at night. So stepnumber two, shut down the computers and read a book before bed. As well as just add somejoy into your life. Reduce stress; it's very important for falling asleep at night. Step number three, is take quality supplements,especially a magnesium supplement. And taking a magnesium supplement, about 400 to 500mga night before bed, can help you naturally reduce stress, and really improve sleep. Andso I recommend a high quality magnesium chelate or magnesium citrate before bed. So takinga magnesium supplement can help you fall asleep. Also supplements like melatonin can help,or valerian root. But I don't recommend doing

Morning Yoga Perfection 5 Minute Miracle Rise Shine Sleepy Bear Yoga

Hey guys, welcome to my 5 minute miracle class today I'll be showing you a 5 min yoga routine you can do the minute you get out of bed it is an amazing routine to get the blood flowing through your body to clear your mind and set the tone for a perfect day and lets do this alright guys so, were going to start on the mat or you can also do this on the floor on your bed

the very first thing you want to do when you first wake up us lengthen the body so what your going to do is extend your legs all the way out and reach your arms over your head a nice big stretch take a deep breath in exhale out

and then from here slowly bring your knees into your chest your going to give yourself a hug and begin to gently rock side to side so this rocking creates a bit of a massage for your lower back as well as your sacram and if you're on a hard surface you'll feel it a little bit more then if you're on a softer bed

and from here your going to hold on to that left knee and releasing your right hip flexor by extending the right leg all the way out pull that left knee breathe feel that nice stretch in the right side now from here your going to open the left knee out to the side

towards the left shoulder opening the hips and then form here your right hand is going to guide the left knee across your body into a spinal twist so you can just keep your left arm right by your side nice stretch you'll feel your spine crack a bit sometimes thats totally fine you're readjusting yourself

and then coming back to centre holding on to the back of your left knee flexing your left foot your going to extend that leg as high as you can so feel that stetch in the left hamstring in the morning it might feel a little bit different

Bluegrass virtuosity from New Jersey Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

(Music) (Applause) (Music) (Applause) Robbie Mizzone: Thank you. Tommy Mizzone: Thank you very much. We're so excited to be here.It's such an honor for us. Like he said, we'rethree brothers from New Jersey

you know, the bluegrasscapital of the world. (Laughter) We discovered bluegrass a few years ago, and we fell in love with it.We hope you guys will too. This next song is an originalwe wrote called quot;Timelapse,quot; and it will probably live up to its name. (Tuning) (Music)

(Applause) TM: Thank you very much. RM: I'm just going to takea second to introduce the band. On guitar is my 15yearold brother Tommy. (Applause) On banjo is 10yearold Jonny. (Applause) He's also our brother. And I'm Robbie, and I'm 14,and I play the fiddle.

(Applause) As you can see, we decidedto make it hard on ourselves, and we chose to play three songs in three different keys. Yeah. I'm also going to explain,a lot of people want to know where we got the nameSleepy Man Banjo Boys from. So it started when Jonny was little, and he first started the banjo,he would play on his back

with his eyes closed, and we'd say it lookedlike he was sleeping. So you can probably piecethe rest together. TM: We can't really figureout the reason for this. It might have been that itweighs about a million pounds. (Music) (Applause) (Music)

(Applause) TM: Thank you very much. RM: Thank you.

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