Sleepiness Pregnancy Third Trimester

By | March 22, 2017

Why is My Pregnancy Making Me So Tired

Why is my pregnancy making me so tiredé Throwing up tends to make anyone weak, andif it delays actually eating, you get more tired. I only have nausea. If you've been throwing up, then I'd blamethe dehydration on that. Otherwise, I might say your dehydrated from not drinking enough. I'm already peeing for two. You need to drink enough liquids for two anda half, so that your body can process the

waste for two and meet the kid's growingneeds. I already drank eight glasses of drinks aday. The kid is the size of a fruit – why drink twice as muché Your body is adding pounds of blood vesselsand blood to support the baby. I'm aware of a lot of the physical changes.I can see many of them. If you aren't drinking as much as your bodyneeds, you'll get dehydrated. One way to tell if that's true is if you are constipated. You can solve constipation by eating morefiber.

True, but you can get it by not getting enoughto drink or not having enough fiber. What else could be making me tiredé If you're avoiding red meat because it makesyou nauseous, you could end up with anemia. That means insufficient iron. Yes, and the lack of iron while your bodyis creating all these new blood cells means you're tired. What can I do if I can't eat meaté And donot say iron pills, because those do make me throw up.

Eating a lot of beans and leafy greens highin iron can help. The OBGYN would like that. If you were in your second or third trimester,you could blame it all on the baby. You cannot do that until you hear it screaming. If you're trying to lay on your back andthe weight makes you uncomfortable, you'll have trouble sleeping. Endlessly shiftingto get comfortable is as bad for your quality of sleep as a snoring partner. I already try to sleep on my side.

If you were trying to make up for not enoughfluids early in the day, you could rise several times at night to pee. Try drinking modestamounts throughout the day. It is not like I have a large bottle beforebedtime. Remember that you do need more sleep whenpregnant, and trying to run on eight hours when you need ten will leave you fatigued. So the kid already gives me an excuse to takea napé No, just a reason to need one if you stayedup too late.

Is it Bad to Sleep on Your Stomach While Pregnant

Is it bad to sleep on your stomach while pregnanté That does get to be a challenge after thesixth month. I know it can be hard to do. I wanted to knowif it was bad to do. You won't squish the kid sleeping on yourstomach in your first or even second trimester. When your body makes you feel like a beachedwhale, you'll have trouble sleeping on your stomach. Yet sleeping on my back hurts my back. Part of that is all the weight that is focusedon the small of the back. If you really want

to sleep on your stomach, you can get oneof those body pillows with a big hole in the middle that lets you do so. That's going to have a high price tag andshort term use. So get a body pillow that lets you sleep onyour side, providing back support and neck support. You can use it as a floor cushionor kid pillow later on. I was told that you could actually hurt thekid sleeping on your stomach. You are not going to squish the kid and injureit, if laying on your stomach in the first trimester or two – there's all that amnioticfluid. In the third trimester, in theory it

could press on the kid, but you'll be uncomfortablewell before that point. I wonder where all the advice comes from. Newborns are not supposed to sleep on theirstomachs, because they cannot turn their heads if the face in the mattress results in anair pocket full of CO2. Older babies can turn their heads. Or just turn over. A baby that can roll over onto its stomachcan decide to roll onto its back, too. I cannot roll onto my stomach, unless it isa really deflated air bed or semifilled water

bed. Then you should not be sleeping on your stomachwithout support. Do not worry, you'll be able to do that after you have the baby. In two hour increments. And six months after that, both of you cansleep on your stomach morning, noon and night. Typically just through the night. You'll be lucky to have just one 2 AM alarmclock screaming you awake at night. Trust me, you'll want to lay down on your stomachwhile the kid is and catch up at sleep at

nap time. I'll put the kid down on his back. Yeah, but he'll fall asleep on his stomachhalf the time just conking out crawling up to a cool new toy.

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