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By | July 15, 2018

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Navy Racks USS Sampson

Hey, welcome to Naval Base San Diego. I'm BM1 Jesse Crider from Detroit, Michigan. And welcome to my home away from home the USS Sampson. Let me show you around. Request permission to come aboard ma'am. Any time you come aboard a Naval vessel we're going to salute the Ensign and we're going to request permission to come aboard and then we are going to greet the officer of the deck as a courtesy.

How you doing Master Chief. Master Chief Oh good morning, good morning. This is Command Master Chief Fortson, she's the senior enlisted leader on board. She's also in charge of the crews welfare and morale. And she's the enlisted liaison between the captain and the enlisted crew. Master Chief Good job Sailor of the year. You are in good hands today. Enjoy your tour today on board the

mighty warship Sampson. Alright, so now we are down in the berthing area. Every Sailor is issued a stand up locker and also a coffin rack. Underneath your rack, there's plenty of storage space for everything that you need to bring on board. Uniforms, toothpaste, toothbrush, you can also store civilian clothes. The racks might looks small, but they are actually very comfortable. As you can see there's more than enough room for you to get in here

and get comfortable and catch some z's. If you guys'll excuse me, I'm going to catch a nap real quick. Alright, so where I'm going to take you guys now is over to the shower and head area. Catch a drink of water down here, then you can come over to the head area and take care of business. Maybe wash up before you go get some chow. I'll take you over to the showers. Ya know, everyone needs to stay fresh and clean.

But we're gong to go ahead and get out of here 'cause there's someone using the shower. Right now we are at the ship's kitchen, it's also know as the galley. At home you might cook for four, here we're cooking for 270 people. These guys are always in here turnin' and burnin'. Right now it looks like they've got the dessert laid out, prepping some vegetables for the salad bar, gotta get your broccoli. Alright, let's take a look at what we got

in the refrigerator today. Chocolate cake and some OJ. Let's go check out the mess decks. This is the ship's lunch room. It's called the Tin Can Alley. Every ship's mess deck has a name. Right here you can come grab a cup of coffee, maybe a cup of cappuccino or some juice. Gotta a soup and salad bar. We also have the Salior phones so you can call mom. Besides coming in here and grabbing three meals a day, sit down maybe watch a DVD or some TV,

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