What Is Sleeping With Hinako

By | March 29, 2017

Fortissimo EXAAkkordBsusvier Scene 124

Nagisa: . Several hours after Reiji and Momiji's battle has finished Nagisa is in her room holding her knees. Ryuichi: . Having woken up before Nagisa and taking her home, Ryuichi stands by himself in the corner, unable to think of anything to say to console her. Nagisa: .Why did things have to turn out like this. She wipes away her latest set of tears. But within a matter of seconds her emotions get the better of her again, and she buries her head inbetween her knees and sobs.

She can't blame herself for not being able to do anything.But she still cannot accept the reality of her situation, and desperately wants someone to blame. However, Ryuichi cannot give her an answer. No. He has an answer, but he is unable to say it. Her best friend had plotted against her and drugged her to sleep.and now that same best friend is gone, and she doesn't know how or why. Not only that, but now she's lost two close friends in so many days, and they were her two closest friends, yet she couldn't do anything to prevent their deaths.Because Ryuichi is naturally a poor speaker, he has no words to console her.

Ryuichi: . No. Even that is nothing other than another excuse that he's making now. To be honest, he's completely dumbfounded. With his eyes closed, he recalls what he witnessed just a little while ago. With his trained body, Ryuichi awoke from the effects of the sleeping drug that Momiji used on them much earlier than Nagisa, and after making sure that she was alright, he ran out of the house and frantically began searching for Reiji and Momiji. Shortly afterward he witnessed that humongous pillar of pink light that split the heavens.

He raced towards the light's origin, but when he reached them.it's still hard for him to believe what he had witnessed. He knew that Eyespace was an overwhelming and unique type of magical barrier, large enough to cover the entire island in a cruel parallel of the real world. It goes without saying that the mastermind would be insanely powerful as well. He killed Satomura Momiji in an instant, and when Reiji turned to confront him.The man that stood opposite of him was one that Ryuichi knew shockingly well. It was his stepfather. The true identity of the one known as Odin is the same man that taught him how to live, and the man he had always chased after

since his youth.and the person that Ryuichi respects the most. Even though he knows that his stepfather is Odin, he still cannot accept it, and he only stands there and muddles about in his own confusion. Ryuichi: (Dad.whyé) He always had a mysterious air about him, giving off the feeling that he was a man that did not belong among others. However, he can't begin to fathom what kind of reason his stepfather would have for causing this mess. Both of them have visited many war zones together, and they fought for justice to prevent the sadness of war from spreading to others. The fact that they fought day after day to protect lots of other people cannot be a lie.

Ryuichi: (And yet, that magical pressure.Even from that far off it still made my blood freeze.) When he introduced himself as Odin, he sounded like a completely different person, and the cold tone of his voice made Ryuichi's skin crawl. That pressure didn't just send a signal such as quot;I can't possibly win.quot; That amount of destructive power can't even begin to be labeled as quot;monstrousquot;. All of the battle experience that he has accumulated up until now warned him that he cannot match him. Nagisa: *Crying* Ryuichi: .

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