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By | March 27, 2017

Herbs in Chinese Medicine Herbs in Chinese Medicine Long Yan Rou

Then next her we are going to talk about isLong Yan Rou also known as Lannigan's Fruit. The thing I like about it the most is itstaste. It is a dried fruit and it is very nice in congies and it is very nourishingand we say it is good for particularly nourishing the blood of the heart. We will talk aboutthat blood of the heart we usually talk about sleep. This particular herb is nice for restlesssleep and although by itself it may be more difficult for it to help with that restlesssleep and minor insomnia but in combination with other herbs it can make a tremendousdifference in your ability to sleep. Mostly I like it for people who are a little bitanemic and we can combine it with other herbs

like Gogeza and Dang Gui to make for a verynourishing type of soup, herbal formula or even things like chicken soup or a congie.Take some time next time you are with your herbalist and ask if you can bring some ofthose along just for snacks because they are so much fun to eat.

Acupuncture for Depression Acupuncture for Insomnia Bladder 15

Most depress people also have insomnia. Theycouldn't fall asleep at night, during the daytime they feel exhausted, no energy. Thatalso aggravates their depression symptoms. So, if you give the sleeping pill, they willfeel more drowsy and less energy, that will aggravate the depression. So one of the pointwe can use to choose to treat this insomnia is called the Bladder 15. So the Bladder 15is next to the Bladder 44, which are the fifth vertebral level. The same thing, you locatethe seventh at a tip of the scapula, and then you count two vertebrae up according to thelower part of the Spinous Process and that's the fifth. And then between the shoulder bladeand the mid line of the back and 1.5 is Bladder

15 and three inch next to the mid line ofthe back is the Bladder 44.

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