Cure For Ptsd Insomnia

By | March 29, 2017

Vets Get Free from PTSD and Addiction with this FREE CURE

hey rs this tutorial is gonna be for veterans if you've got PTSD or problems with alcohol, depression, drugabuse, these kind of things this tutorial's gonna be about how to be freefrom that stuff without counseling without uh. i mean not like psychiatric counseling, not pills, you know uh.

uh. prescription drugs not that kindof stuff uh. I'm gonna tell you of a way where you can sleep at night no nightmares you know not a slave to a bottle not a slave to a joint I'm gonna tell you how i got free I'm an iraq veteran. I was there in 2005

i was in baghdad, i was in Taji. Taji was an old bombed out air force base that Saddam had and uh. i was a mechanic but i went out on a lot of missions uh.i was on a M88 recovery tank uh. quite often i was either drivingour behind fifty cal uh. i came very close to killingpeople i came very close to being killed uh. i was almost blown up at leasttwice

you know so i'm not one of these Fobbersthat was just sitting around the base without any experience so you know I've also seen americansoldiers killed you know i've seen people uh. shot throughthe head i've seen people blown in half by bombsroadside bombs so uh. you know while maybe i don'thave the same experiences as you, I haven't killed someone but i've seen things that

you know would give most people PTSD yet, i do not have PTSD and do not havedepression no longer have alcohol problems, I no longer have drug problems and i can tell you how I got free fromthese things and i can tell you that you can also be free from these things without pills without a shrink

you'll be able to sleep at night and uh. you'll have hope again, hope again for life do you want hope again for lifeƩ i can tell you these things because i'm living proof in 2005 i came home from iraq

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