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By | March 23, 2017

Insomnia Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Insomnia. Take 1 glass of milk and add 1tsp of honey and mix it. Drink every night before bedtime. Take ½li of water, add 1tsp of aniseed, Heat the mixture for 15 min and Strain it. Drink every night before bedtime. Take 1 glass of Water and add 2tsp of honey and mix it. Drink every night before bedtime. Take a banana and mash it and add roasted cumin seeds to it and mix it.

Consume this mixture before going to sleep. Mix 1tsp each of juice of celery leaves with stalks and honey. Have this mixture every night before bedtime. Eat raw onion salad every day. Mix 2tsp of fenugreek leaves juice with 1tsp of honey. Have this mixture at bed times. Mix bottle gourd juice and sesame oil in equal quantity. Massage this mixture on the scalp every night.

Take 34 strands of saffron and soak them in a cup of warm milk. Sip this warm drink. Drink this every night before bedtime. Consume 3 cups of curd. Have this regularly. Insomnia – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies.

This Gadget Reads Your Mind

What's up guys! Lew here back with another tutorial And today I'm hoping to calm you down a little bit I saw this thing I said I have to try it It's called MUSE The Brain Sensing Headband

Excuse meé Meditation made easy If there's a guy that needs meditation it's right here. I'm fired up, amplified about to ring Jack's neck out! Enjoy the benefits of meditation in as little as three minutes a day so it's sensing your brain activity to determine how to feedyou audio I don't know that's what I'mthinking there's an app to go with it

let's practice open i'm pumped and it isso different from anything else that I've ever featured here that's an unboxing experience the waythey've done that with the old look at that who here's my brain sensor whoa micro USB to charge it up case totravel with (Sniffs It) I don't know why I smelt that you havelonger hair use these hair ties not going to be a problem for me

download the app yes welcome to thecommittee look that's me this is cool too it's like a rubberyfeeling there let's see if it has a charge on it hellookay i'm gonna charge this up and download the app while it's charging what should i type all muse seeing allthese people meditating it looks amazing got my cord crunchers the tanglefreeear buds look how tranquil it already is this yougot waves swipe up or down to change theenvironment Oh

and I got a little that's more my styleactually cool oh man something tells me I'm about tobe relaxed all we're starting something is happening here Oh your brain is different every day she's talking to calibrate itself Musewill take a snapshot of your brain in an active state incredible voice she has an incredible voice sit in acomfortable position and close your eyes try to calibrate my brain right nowand the way it's been described to me is

the weather like I'm hearing some rainright now and I'm supposed to focus on certain things as they are presented tome after i started and if I begin to move off the task the weather will get louder and thestorm will increase and that's to do with my brain activity moving away fromthe focus point calm the environment by calming and settling your mind (LOUD RAIN) (BIRDTWEETS)

This Gadget Squeezes Your Skull

I'm looking at something from Japan. harambe This. is a Head Massager. You're like quot;Lew, what channel am i on right nowéquot; quot;Because your blowing MY MIND!quot; You might of thought you might be seeing the thingy. I didn't know that this thing existed *Loud Sneeze* I don't even know what, what is the name of the companyé

Does it even sayé It just says Head Massager on it. Intelligent air pressure. HighFrequency Magnetic Field, Infrared Heating. Multi Frequency Vibration and Soothing Music. Holy smokes that's a lot of things in one. Now if you're like me. You spend a lot of time, you're on the computer.

You get strained a little bit. Like Jack for example, this is him half of the day. Rubbing the eyes, rubbing the temples, STRESSED OUT! Get yourself something like this. And you keep it moving. And you find that relaxation, you find that inner peace. Because you deserve it. And the Japanese are here to help.

Lets jump inside this box! There we go. whoo hoho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho hooo ohohohoho Has my life been forever changedé Can you look at thaté Maybe it has been changed. There's headphones in here as well.

The remote. Control over. I don't know. Some various things, temperature. Method i guess of the massage type. And then music. Then your headphones also plug into here. Now looks like this thing is battery operated. This takes four double A's

Ok so some adjustments can be made here for size. And you spin this. Get it to the right size. Woooo Very soft. To tighten it back up which way, Whoaoo Ok. WHAA!

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