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By | March 22, 2017

Sleep Better with These 5 Natural Sleep Remedies

Is falling asleep a struggleé Can't sleepat nighté It needn't be. Find out how you could sleep better naturallywith these 5 subtle changes to your bedtime routine.Stay tuned. Many of the bedtime rituals habits thatwe've established for ourselves are not conducive to getting a good night's rest.How you feel the next day during your waking hours hinges greatly on how well you sleep.By learning how to avoid common sleep enemies trying out a variety of healthy sleeppromotingtechniques, you'll eventually develop your personal routine to a good night's sleep.Let's take a look at how we can accomplish

this by creating your magical hour beforelights out. The solution to falling asleep quickly gettinga restful sleep does not boil down to just one thing or strategy.I wish it were that simple. It's a combination of factors or positivehabits that you gradually introduce into your current sleep routine over time thatsend you into lala land faster. In essence you're layering several strategieson top of each other in order to augment accelerate the positive sleep effect.With the goal of getting a restful sleep that recharges the body, clears the mind decreasesyour morning fatigue, let's take a look at

those 5 natural sleep remedies.But before I do that allow me to take a moment to explain the role of melatonin productionin establishing your body's natural sleepwake cycle.Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone controlled by light exposure.Your brain secretes more of it in the evening when it's dark to make you sleepy.And less during the day when it's light out you'd like to stay awake alert.So let's see how you could naturally increase your melatonin levels by making a few subtlechanges to your sleep routine. Here are those 5 strategies to incorporateinto your magical hour before lights out:

Strategy 1 is to turn off all light emittingelectronic devices at least an hour before bedtime.This includes your TV, computer, tablet smart phone.Many of us watch TV or work on the computer to relax at the end of the day.This is a big mistake right before bedtime. Not only does the light suppress your naturalmelatonin production, but these devices actually electrically stimulate the mind rather thanrelaxing it. If your favorite TV show is late at night,consider recording it then viewing it earlier the next day.Strategy 2.

As an alternative to TV watching, try listeningto some soft music or a fiction audio book instead.The soft music helps to set a calming mood. And listening to an audio book can be relaxing.Just ensure that it's a fiction story that requires little cognitive analysis as opposedto a recording that may require excessive processing.Which brings us to strategy 3 Piggy backing off of the previous tip, readingprior to lights out is yet another sleep remedy to consider trying.Spending 15 to 30 minutes losing yourself in a good book can take your mind off theday's stressful events.

I love to unwind at the end of my day withmy Kindle reader. As a side note, avoid reading from a backlitdevice at night such as an iPad. Tablets emit light which suppresses your naturalproduction of melatonin. Using an eReader such as a Kindle which isnot backlit is a better choice. Not into readingéHow about spending some time doing some relaxation exercises or meditation to help calm the mindéOr how journaling in your personal diary jotting down either what you were grateful for thatday or a personal success story that brings about a sense of peace contentmentéStrategy 4.

The 3 Best Bodybuilding Sleep Supplements

Hey guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of BodyTransformationTruth ,and in this tutorial I'm going to be outlining my top 3 recommended sleep supplements whenit comes to improving overall sleep quality, and also decreasing the amount of time thatit takes you to fall asleep each night. So getting a proper sleep each night is obviouslyvery important. It's going to help you to keep your mood and energy levels balanced,it's going to improve concentration and motivation, it will optimize hormone levels, improve insulinsensitivity and also maximize your strength and your performance at the gym during yourworkouts, just to name a few benefits. Now before I go any further, I should first ofall mention that supplementation should not

be viewed as a quickfix here, and you'lldefinitely want to make sure that you've developed effective sleep habits first before you consideradding additional supplementation into the mix. There are many different strategies thatyou can use to naturally improve your sleep quality each night, but here are just a fewof the main ones that I want to quickly mention before I dive into the actual sleep supplementsthat I recommend. So number 1, try to maintain a consistent sleeping schedule by going tobed and waking up at the same time every day. Number 2, ensure that your room is as darkas possible and that it is set at a cool temperature. Number 3, eliminate electronic light (so thisincludes television, laptops, phones etcetera)

around 30 minutes before going to bed as theelectronic light here will disrupt hormone levels that induce sleep. Number 4, neutralizenoise by either ensuring that your room is as quiet as possible, or by droning out backgroundnoises by using a whitenoise generator such as a fan or an air conditioner. And number5, the obvious one, make sure to avoid caffeine or stimulants within 8 hours of going to bed.Okay, assuming that you have those points taken care of and you're still looking forsome additional assistance in order to improve your sleep, here are the 3 supplements thatI would recommend. So sleep supplement number 1 is magnesium. People who work out intenselyon a consistent basis tend to have lower levels

of magnesium because it is drained from thebody through sweating. Not only are low levels of magnesium associated with decreased testosteronelevels, but it can also negatively impact your overall sleep quality as well. So ifyou do have a magnesium deficiency that has been brought on by consistent hard training,supplementation can help to restore balanced levels in the body and help you get a deeper,more restful sleep as a result. Go with 200400 millgrams of magnesium per day taken witha meal either in the form of magnesium citrate, magnesium gluconate or magnesium dylgycinate.Do keep in mind here that magnesium doesn't have any immediate, acute effects on sleep,and its benefits are going to be seen after

consistent daily supplementation over thecourse of about a week or two. And so for that reason, you can take your magnesium supplementat any time of the day that you prefer, because taking it before bed is not going to makeyou feel drowsy or help you fall asleep faster. Sleep supplement number 2 is lavender oil.Lavender oil helps you fall asleep faster by calming your mind and reducing anxiety,which helps to slow your heart rate, decrease blood pressure and put your body into a morerelaxed state. Studies have also shown that lavender oil also has positive effects onoverall sleep quality as well. The recommended dosage for lavender oil is 80 millgrams takenabout half an hour before bed. And sleep supplement

number 3 is melatonin. Melatonin is a hormonethat helps to regulate your body's circadian rhythm. Levels of melatonin increase whenit gets dark, and this allows you to fall asleep more easily. Melatonin production canbe naturally increased by avoiding electronic light late at night and by sleeping in a darkroom like I previously mentioned, but if you do find that it still takes you a long timeto fall asleep despite this, additional supplementation with melatonin might be beneficial for you.Effective melatonin dosing is going to vary from person to person, and it's always bestto start out on the lower end and gradually build up until you find the right dosage foryourself. So the standard recommend dose here

Natural Cures for Insomnia

Hey guys, Axe here from DrAxe . Oneof the most common things I'll hear from my patients, is they'll say, quot; Axe, I can'tsleep.quot; And if you're one of those people that have trouble falling asleep, or strugglewith insomnia, or you wake up during the night, that's very common. In this tutorial I'm goingto go through the exact steps you need to follow to get better quality of sleep andto help you fall asleep fast. Step number one in overcoming sleep deprivationis to change your diet, surprisingly. And, for a lot of people, their diets are keepingthem from falling asleep. Before you go to bed, you need to really drop your carbohydrateconsumption. If you're consuming too many

sugars and carbs, your body is burning those,it's getting warm. And so, lowering that sugar, and grain intake, and carbohydrate intakebefore bed is important. And get some good quality fats before you go to bed. Somethinglike an avocado is a great food to actually help you fall asleep at night, either avocadoor some organic yogurt. So again, avocado and organic yogurt, are the best foods tohelp you naturally fall asleep. The reason they work is those foods are high in magnesiumand potassium. Magnesium and potassium are two crucial nutrients you need to help relaxthe body and to help you fall asleep at night. So remember avocado and yogurt, the top twofoods you can consume just a little bit here

or there in the evening that will help youfall asleep at night. The second step you need to do to overcomeinsomnia is to reduce stress. And for most people, along with diet, this is the big thingthat's keeping you up at night, is your mind starts racing, you keep thinking and you can'tshut your brain off. And there are several reasons for that. One, is you watched TV upuntil the point that you went to bed. That visual stimulus you're watching constantly,especially the blue light, and that doesn't just include the TV screen, it also includesyour computer, your iPad, or your phone. And that light is blue light, which actually tellsyour pineal gland in your brain that it actually

needs to keep running, so it messes with yourcircadian rhythms and cortisol levels. It keeps you from falling asleep at night whenyou were looking at that bright blue light in the computer screens and TV screens. So,about 30 minutes at least, ideally, an hour, but at least 30 minutes before bed, you needto shut off all electronics, and you need to start reading something that helps yourelax. Or start journaling. So you can get out ajournal and start writing things down. You can look at your schedule for the next dayand write that down. But I really recommend reading a novel that you enjoy, reading adevotional, your Bible, or just something

that helps you relax and wind down at least30 minutes before bed. And that's going to help, and in general reducing stress. And if you have something that's really stressingyou out, that's keeping you from sleeping at night, I recommend you start writing downthose things that stress you out. Work on addressing those the best you can, and thenstart scheduling things into the week that you love to do. It is so important. If you'vehad a great day, and you've been happy all day, it actually creates certain hormonesin your body known as endorphins that actually help you fall asleep at night. So actually,having a good mood throughout the day can

help improve your sleep at night. So stepnumber two, shut down the computers and read a book before bed. As well as just add somejoy into your life. Reduce stress; it's very important for falling asleep at night. Step number three, is take quality supplements,especially a magnesium supplement. And taking a magnesium supplement, about 400 to 500mga night before bed, can help you naturally reduce stress, and really improve sleep. Andso I recommend a high quality magnesium chelate or magnesium citrate before bed. So takinga magnesium supplement can help you fall asleep. Also supplements like melatonin can help,or valerian root. But I don't recommend doing

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