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By | March 24, 2017

How To Get The Best Sleep Of Your Life plus a juice recipe Saturday Strategy

I wonder if they, this can you know, beetsheadphonesé You're right that's not aint funny! Did you know that one of the best waysto achieve amazing sleep, you know that type of deep sleep when you wake up in the morningyou springboard out of bed you have so much mental clarityé Is all from this one thing,this one you've heard me talk about it, I am gonna give you a hint it's responsiblegot for 400 biochemical transactions in your body. You know what it isé Any guessesé Ifyou guess Magnesium you would be right! But did you also know that 80% of the populationis deficient in Magnesiumé What does that meané Well, if you're deficient in Magnesiumthere's a good chance you're probably

deficient in Vitamin D3. Did you know thatéThe two interrelated things and if you're deficient in D3 that's the sunshine drugin your body. Regulates your hormones, helps you get that sleep and if you're deficientin magnesium and D3 probably deficient in calcium. It's like a chain effect rightéIt throws your whole entire body off. So how do we bring your body back into alignmentéWell we start with the root cause, we start with magnesium. We start incorporating itmore on your life so now listen closely because some of these symptoms you may resonate withokayé Some of you may not but some of you may be well, maybe I am magnesium deficient.If you have any muscle spasms you know the,

I get a little twitch in my back every oncein a while and my eyelids starts twitching and then I know it's time to get more magnesium.Muscle cramps can be another thing. If you're depressed at all, maybe your moods is notstable. If you have constipation magnesium can help you go. If you have impaired cognitivefunction, if your brain is not snapping back and forth, if your corporate (Inaudible) oryour leftright hemisphere is not firing adequately then you're probably deficient in magnesium.Because there's so many different symptoms, the easiest way is to test this and to testit what I like to do is I like adding magnesium rich foods in my diet. You got your celery,your Swiss chard, your greens, your kale,

your dandelion greens, all of these thingsare loaded with magnesium so getting it more throughout the day. Another thing I do isI add Calm like I said I drink this before bed, one tablespoon, two tablespoons. My experienceis I might be sleeping on a toilet righté You don't wanna do that nobody likes tosleep on a toilet. So in my sleepytime juice recipe, I wanted to make it easy for you.I use fennel okayé I have two beets which the nitric oxide and the magnesium are absolutelyamazing for you. I use the greens, the greens actually have more nutrients than the actualroot veggie itself. And we got one quarter of a lemon that's gonna help alkalize ourbodies and then also I have, this is a lot

of fennel. Fennel kind a taste like liquorisha little bit, it's gonna add unique flavor to it so I'm gonna go with two of this justlike this okayé So the whole entire juice recipe is essentially this right here. I gotthe whole world in the palm of my hand just like that, that's the juice recipe. Hmm,love you. Hmm, good stuff. I'm gonna put in the juicer today I'm using the Kuving'sslow juicer wide mouth three and a half inch. Absolutely amazing! Let's take it over here.Alright my friend, hmm, I love that. If you don't like beets try beet juice little bitsweeter. Really great taste and if you're having trouble sleeping, know that sleep isone of the most important things you can do

to enhance your overall quality of life andyour health. Sleep is one of our s to be checking in with all of the time and lookingat making sure we get enough. So if we know that magnesium is one of the things that youand I need to fall asleep, don't shortchange yourself. Start to have magnesium every day.Alright so at that time who won the juiceré Remember next week if you wanna win the juicerscroll down to the bottom of this blog post, leave a comment below about how your lifeis changed by implementing some of the strategies and tips that we talked about on FitLife TV.This week's juicer winner is August Marrero! August is a teacher and a mother of a sixteenyear old and she and her husband can really

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