Herbs For Pms Insomnia

By | May 31, 2017

Relieve PMS Symptoms With Natural Medicine Treatment

Hello and thanks for joining! I am AngelaAgrios. I am a naturopathic trained in general practice medicine, specializingin natural medicine care. I am excited to talk with you about safe, effective treatmentsthat relieve PMS! Let's talk about them.First let's talk about the symptoms we are tryingto address. Common symptoms of PMS include migraines headaches, water retention, bloating,breast swelling and tenderness, acne, mood changes like irritability or weepiness, sugar chocolate cravings, and of course cramps and low back pain. PMS symptoms can all beaddressed and improved by supporting your body's ability to maintain hormone balance.This can be done through dietary changes,

exercise, nutrient supplementation, adequaterest, stress reduction, and bioidentical progesterone. Let's talk some more about basicsstrategies that will help us all. Number 1: We need to clean up our diet!! This meansminimizing processed and refined foods, sugar, simple carbohydrates, caffeine, and alcohol,and in their place we need to consume LOTS of fresh produce. Always choose to eat organicfoods when possible. Number 2: Exercise is a good idea!! Exercise will improve bloodcirculation and increase endorphin levels which will help relieve cramping, water retentionand improve our mood. Number 3: Nutritional supplements can be a big help: B vitamins,Magnesium, Essential fatty acids like fish

oil and evening primrose oil, and vitaminE can all offer dramatic relief of PMS symptoms! Number 4: Increasing rest and decreasing stressis also vitally important. Yes, our minds and bodies are connected! Our bodies do theirrepair work while we sleep. It's difficult to maintain optimal health and balance ofany system in our body when we are overworking and not getting adequate rest. In additionto improving our diet and lifestyle choices, natural progesterone replacement therapy mayalso be helpful for some of us. This is something that can be determined by testing your hormonelevels via blood, saliva, or urine. PMS can be effectively relieved when you are ableto identify and address the cause of the symptoms.

You may need support in one or all of theareas discussed in this tutorial in order to improve your hormone balance and eliminatePMS symptoms. Working with a naturopathic can help you prioritize which treatmentswould be best for you to start with. You can expect an improvement in your symptoms, ifnot complete relief, within a few months after starting naturopathic care. If you would likehelp with the evaluation and treatment of PMS, find a naturopathic near you.A naturopathic will be able to help you evaluate and treat the cause of your PMS.Like and Share this tutorial to spread the word about naturopathic medicine. If you wouldlike to see more tutorials by naturopathic s

discussing natural medicine solutions, subscribeto this channel. Until the next time, take great care!.

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