Insomnia Treatment Drugs

By | October 12, 2018

Insomnia Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Insomnia. Take 1 glass of milk and add 1tsp of honey and mix it. Drink every night before bedtime. Take ½li of water, add 1tsp of aniseed, Heat the mixture for 15 min and Strain it. Drink every night before bedtime. Take 1 glass of Water and add 2tsp of honey and mix it. Drink every night before bedtime. Take a banana and mash it and add roasted cumin seeds to it and mix it.

Consume this mixture before going to sleep. Mix 1tsp each of juice of celery leaves with stalks and honey. Have this mixture every night before bedtime. Eat raw onion salad every day. Mix 2tsp of fenugreek leaves juice with 1tsp of honey. Have this mixture at bed times. Mix bottle gourd juice and sesame oil in equal quantity. Massage this mixture on the scalp every night.

Take 34 strands of saffron and soak them in a cup of warm milk. Sip this warm drink. Drink this every night before bedtime. Consume 3 cups of curd. Have this regularly. Insomnia – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies.

Lunesta a Prescription Medication Used to Treat Insomnia Information

Lunesta is a prescription medication usedto treat insomnia (difficulty falling or staying asleep). Lunesta belongs to a group of drugscalled hypnotics. It works by slowing brain activity to allow you to sleep.This medicationcomes in tablet form and is taken once daily, immediately before bedtime.Common side effectsof this medication may include unpleasant taste, dry mouth, and dizziness.

Ambien CR For The ShortTerm Treatment of Insomnia Overview

Ambien CR, the brandname form of zolpidem,is a prescription medicine used in adults for the shortterm treatment of insomnia.Ambien CR belongs to a group of drugs called hypnotics. It works by slowing down brainactivity so you can fall asleep. Ambien CR comes in tablet form and is taken by mouthjust before bedtime. Common side effects of Ambien CR include daytime drowsiness, dizziness,and headache. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery until you know how Ambien CR affectsyou. For more information on this medication and all other medications, explore the RxWikiencyclopedia on the web or on your mobile device.

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