Insomnia Treatment When Pregnancy

By | March 27, 2017

Sleep Problems Insomnia Pregnancy and Overworking

Who else feels sleepdeprivedéé  My hands in the air. As an ambitious womanAND 32weeksalong preggo, I put my sleep on the backburner to accommodate everyoneelse's schedule. It's time for me to get selfish with my sleep. How about youé  Why did I stop prioritizing my sleepé  Because I'm afraid to ask for what I need. Because I don't want the family to get mad at me. Because I want to make everybody happy. Because I am trying to do everything well. Because I don't want to “mess upâ€�

anyone else's schedule. Because I feel it's selfish. Because I am worried I won't get to havesex.  These are probably sillysounding reasons, but it's the truth. We need to be strongenough to ask for what we need AND for what we want.  To be at my best, I need sleep, food, andalone time. If my sleep is suffering, the rest of my life suffers. When we sacrificeour sleep for “everyone else,� we will burn out. It's not a good longterm strategy(unless you're an expert sleep hacker…Hmmm…that

might be my next option.)   If there's anything that gives me an edge,it's SLEEP.  When I get enough sleepé I am happy. I am productive. I manage my nerves better. I can handle heavier workloads. I can relax because I know that I have “78 hours that are mineâ€� in bed.  What about youé What is YOUR secret ingredienté.

Im 26 Weeks Pregnant and Cant Sleep

I'm 26 weeks pregnant and can't sleep! You need to get sleep in now, for the sakeof the baby now and later. I can't stock up on sleep to offset the lackof sleep in a couple months. But I really need it now. Try sleeping on your side instead of yourback. When you are on your back, the weight of the growing baby will put so much weighton blood vessels that it can cause numbness, tingling and leg pain. I already have leg pain.

It is very common to develop leg cramps atthis stage in the pregnancy. That doesn't tell me what to do about it. Hot compresses, more time with your legs upduring the day, and stay off heels. I haven't worn high heels in months. Wearing tennis shoes or other comfortableones can help prevent leg cramps. It doesn't help with all the trips to thebathroom. If you have to go to the bathroom at nightas often as a man with prostate problems, you need to talk to the about whetheror not you have a urinary tract infection.

That usually causes burning when you pee. You may not be noticing it due to all theother discomfort or hemorrhoids. Or it barely burns and you don't notice due to the sheerneed to pee. So you think I need to talk to the . If it feels like you're peeing for three insteadof two, yes. In any other circumstance, it might also bean option to limit fluid intake. While you have to drink a lot of water whilepregnant, you can still cut back later in the evening. And stop drinking stuff withcaffeine that dehydrates you so you don't

have to offset it by drinking that much waterand juice later. I didn't think having coffee or tea in themorning might be causing insomnia at night, well indirectly. I did cut back on it, though,because of the acid bothering me. If it is only heart burn, that you can treatyourself, even if dietary changes didn't solve it entirely. I'm not allowed to use most over the countermeds of any type. Eat smaller meals throughout the day. Don'teat right after bedtime or any time you're about to lie down.

What else can I doé Sleep on your side to make it more comfortable. I already have multiple expensive pillowsin an effort to do that. Getting more exercise during the day can helpyou sleep at night. That's a common recommendation for insomnia.The hard part is finding something safe to do. Walk a lot more. That will help burn off energyso you can sleep and may help with the leg cramps, though bananas would too.

Given all the weird stuff I've been told toput on my skin for beauty treatments, bananas don't sound weird. While you aren't eating for two, your bodydoes need more of various nutrients. And the potassium and other vitamins in bananas helpprevent muscle cramps, whether you're pregnant or a sprinter. I feel like a weight lifter just carryingaround this load. And try to have proper posture or maybe evena belly band to help with the weight up front, so that back cramps don't keep you up at night.

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