Mild Insomnia

By | March 22, 2017

Alcohol and Insomnia Booze and a Good Nights Sleep Dont Mix

Hi, I'm Kevin O'Hara for Alcohol Mastery andtoday I'm going to be talking about Alcohol and Insomnia. It's something that most of us have sufferedfrom at one stage in our lives. Alcohol can affect your sleep patterns both when you'redrinking and when you're trying to quit. In fact it's one of the biggest things thatmakes people start drinking again is because they can't get through that first few weekswhen, where their sleep, they feel really sleep deprived. I've done a few tutorials about this in the pastand if you want to look at them you can just

go through the YouTube channel over on thewebsite. In the first few weeks of quitting alcohol I really couldn't sleep for the firstmonth but after that initial period I really had the best night's sleep ever withoutdrinking at all. The first time that I quit, I couldn't sleepfor almost a month, I had problems sleeping, diminishing problems, I'd problems that werea lot larger at the beginning in the first couple of weeks than they were in the finalcouple of weeks. But since I've quit I've had no problems at all. A lot of people think that drinking alcoholbefore you go to bed helps you to sleep but

the problem is that it doesn't give you theright type of sleep that you want. It stops you from going into the REM sleep. Anotherproblem with drinking alcohol and sleeping is that you'll find yourself waking up frequently,or like I used to do, I'd wake up after 3 or 4 hours and because the alcohol was stilltrying to get out of my system I wasn't able to fall asleep again, the sedative effecthad worn off and that was it, I was just wide awake. Another problem when you're drinking alcoholand trying to go to sleep is, sleep apnoea and it's a dangerous condition where you actuallystop breathing for a time when you're asleep.

It's commonly suffered from by people whoare overweight but it does happen to alcoholics. In general insomnia is not a condition inand of itself, it's actually caused by other problems, outside problems there's an underlyingcause that's causing you not to be able to sleep. Obviously in this case it's alcohol that'scausing you to have the sleep problems but there's one cure for it and that's just tostop drinking alcohol. It might take a little while to get used to it and for your normalsleep patterns to return but it will come back and if you really need to, go down tothe to get a mild sedative to help

you just sleep in the beginning but if youcan do without it, do without it. So the message is simple, if your sleepingproblems are caused by alcohol then just quit drinking. Like I say, it will take you a littlebit of time and your sleeping problems not disappear altogether. Mine haven't if I havea tense day, if I'm a bit stressed out during the day, then I tend to lose a bit of sleepor find it hard to go to sleep or I might wake up an hour earlier or a couple of hoursearlier and not be able to go back to sleep again it depends what's on my mind. But ingeneral I think not drinking, I'm just having great night's sleep all around you

So that's Alcohol and Insomnia if you haveany questions about that at all, just leave a comment down below in the box. Until next time, I'm Kevin O'Hara for AlcoholMastery, Onwards and Upwards.

What Social Anxiety Feels Like

I can't talk to people because I have severe social anxiety. They just assume I'm being rude. (quot;Facing Eastquot; byWarnerChappell Production Music) All I've ever wanted isto know what it feels like to have self confidence. Social anxiety ruins me. I have severe social anxiety.

If I initiate a conversation with you, know that it takes everyounce of courage I have. As someone with socialanxiety, getting ready to go out, feels like gettingready to go into battle. I can't get a job becausemy social anxiety has me too scared to leave the house. Social anxiety, skippinglunch because you're too afraid to ask your coworker to taketheirs out of the microwave.

My family members are allvery outgoing and can't even begin to understand the socialanxiety that things like talking on the phone andusing a drivethrough give me. I'm sick and tiredof only being known of as the quiet girl. I've had social anxiety my whole life, but there's a lot moreto me than my silence. When the term, quot;socialanxietyquot; surfaced, I was finally

able to identify my issues sothat now I can overcome them. I have social anxietydisorder, and not long ago I started a job in retail. I thought I would havea hard time with it, but surprisingly I thinkit's helping me open up more. I went out by myself today. I watched a movie and hadlunch in a cafe afterwards. I think I'm finally gettingcontrol of my social anxiety.

(quot;Facing Eastquot; byWarnerChappell Production Music).

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