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By | March 21, 2017

The Secret To Good Digestion Longevity And Health Smoothie Recipe Saturday Strategy

Every year American consumers spends millionsof dollars on enzymes. Enzymes to this, enzymes for that, enzymes to digest this. What dowe have in front of usé We have one of nature's most powerful enzymes on the planet and I'mabout to show you a smoothie that's absolutely so creamy, so delicious, so decadent, so desirablethat when you drink it you are absolutely gonna be transfixed to a place in Mexico thatmaybe you've been, maybe you haven't been there yet but I'm taking you there todaywith this digestion smoothie. Absolutely amazing! So as you can guess it, the papaya you canget at your grocery store or farmers market. Papaya contains the digestive enzyme Papainwhich is used like Bromelain righté Bromelain

is in pineapple. It's what's used on alot of homeopathic medicine for antipain, antiinflammatory, for allergies, sinuses,stuff like that. It promotes strong immune system, 80% of the immune system is in thegut so as you guess if it's like an enzyme it actually helps your gut heal as well. Greatfor cancer prevention so anybody that's experiencing cancer out there, papaya'sabsolutely amazing! It's loaded with fiber and has tons of other amazing benefits, nutrients,aminos, and phytochemicals, all of those things that we'd love to get down with at FitLifeTV. I'm about to make this smoothie. I'm using the Blendtec blender today. I absolutelylove my Blendtec and I know you will as well.

Alright so let's talk about the ingredients.We got one papaya and a mid to small. We have a pineapple which is loaded with vitamin Cand it's also a super human immune boosting food that's gonna help us with that becauseof the bromelain and it also helps with digestive support so that's the name of the game.We have about a handful of spinach depending on how big your hands are righté We have ahalf of a cucumber that's gonna help give us a base. It's gonna make it a little bitcreamier as well. Absolutely amazing. I have one banana. Banana is going to sweeten itup a little bit, add a nice flavor to it. Banana's actually have an ingredient inhere, tryptophan which converts to serotonin

in the gut so it makes you happy. Coconutwater is also full of potassium. Coconut water is amazing at replacing those electrolytesif you've been out in the sun, maybe you've been working doing your thing you need a littlecoconut water. This is the pink, pink actually has more nutrients than regular coconut water.Love the taste of that. Alright here we go my friend, wow! Creamy, delicious, delectable,divine smoothie guaranteed to make your body rock! Love this stuff. Alright so at thattime who won the juiceré Remember next week if you wanna win the juicer scroll down tothe bottom of this blog post, leave a comment below about how your life is changed by implementingsome of the strategies and tips that we talked

about on FitLife TV. Today's juicer winneris Linda MacDonald! Linda use this juicer from Kuving's to radically increase theamount of fresh veggies and fruits in your diet. Keep us posted on how amazing you feel.Congratulations Linda! If you're looking for something to mix after workout there aresome papaya in there get that digestion going, help assimilate those nutrients, help shuttlethat protein into those muscles after workout. Now this is not a weight loss smoothie, Inever said this is gonna help you lose weight. This is a smoothie that I would probably haveafter workout. I may actually add a little almond butter in this too just to mix it upa little bit. David actually came up with

that idea, our tutorial guy righté Almond butter,it's gonna help balance out that sugar spike from the banana and everything else. Absolutelyamazing smoothie though. Your guests when they come over, you make this smoothie forthem they're gonna be blown away with the taste. So try it out today! As always my friend,remember we're in this together. Mother Nature has all the answers we'll see yousoon. So if you're looking for something to mixé That's actually really good. I hada friend who tell me he used to cut up papaya and actually put it on a New York strip steakand he left it there and as time went on it started to deteriorate, I got a little bitof speech impediment today, it started to

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